Prayer Calendar for August

Please continue to pray for the life and work of our parishes

Mon 1st Mission of the Month—Wycliffe Bible Translators.
Tues 2nd Friends of St Mary’s AGM this evening.
Wed 3rd Lynn Treneary, our new CMS Link Missionary, as she settles in.
Thurs 4th Ministry team: Steve, Paul, Max, Barbara, John, Helen & Graham.
Fri 5th Ministers and congregations of the Vale Deanery churches.
Sat 6th Church sitters today and throughout the summer.
Sun 7th Lammas Service at St Mary’s.
Mon 8th Bell ringers practicing this evening.
Tues 9th Community activities in Faringdon and Little Coxwell.
Wed 10th All helping with and attending Christian holiday camps.
Thurs 11th Choir practicing this evening.
Fri 12th All who help run our churches.
Sat 13th Ministers and congregations of all churches in Faringdon.
Sun 14th The Wardens and PCCs of both churches.
Mon 15th For all those waiting for their exam results.
Tues 16th For new families moving into the area, and CTIF Welcome Team.
Wed 17th The Music Group.
Thurs 18th Our Bishops, Archdeacons and Area Deans.
Fri 19th Magazine preparation this weekend.
Sat 20th Friends and families getting together at this holiday season.
Sun 21st For families bringing children for baptism today.
Mon 22nd For all refugees fleeing persecution.
Tues 23rd For the situation in Nepal.
Wed 24th The work of the Mustard Seed and Seekers Light.
Thurs 25th The Wisbey family.
Fri 26th The Flower Guild.
Sat 27th All who are ill, recently bereaved or in any other kind of need.
Sun 28th Vergers and Welcomers, Intercessors and Readers.
Mon 29th Everybody on holiday today.
Tues 30th Work of Churches Together and the Family Centre.
Wed 31st Sunday School and Pathfinder leaders preparing for the new year.

Meetings for Prayer in August

All Saints’ seeks to have an active and regular prayer ministry with a number of informal meetings during the month to which all are very welcome.

Tuesday 2nd 2.00-3.00pm Julian Meeting (18 Eastfield Court)
Tuesday 2nd 7.15-8.15pm Mission for Faringdon (Barber Rooms)
Tuesday 2nd 8.00-9.00pm Julian Meeting (Call 244 905 for venue)
Friday 5th 7.40-8.30am Parish Prayers (20 Market Place)
Friday 12th 7.40-8.30am Parish Prayers (20 Market Place)
Wednesday 17th 10.30-11.30am Prayer for CMS (8 Coach Lane)
Friday 19th 7.40-8.30am Parish Prayers (20 Market Place)
Friday 19th 8.00pm Prayer for the World (Call 240 509 for venue)
Friday 26th 7.40-8.30am Parish Prayers (20 Market Place)

Mission of the Month for August – Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe Bible Translators – Mission of the Month for August

The History of Wycliffe – how the vision for Bible translation began

For more than 70 years Wycliffe has helped people around the world translate the Bible into their own languages. They also help with language development, literacy and other spiritual and physical needs.

In 1917 a missionary named Willian Townsend Cameron went to Guatemala to sell Spanish Bibles. He was shocked when many people couldn’t understand the books. They spoke Cakchiquel, a language without a Bible.

Cameron believed that everyone should understand the Bible, so he started a small linguistics school (the Summer Institute of Linguistics, known as SIL) that trained people to do Bible translation. The work continued to grow, and in 1942 he officially founded Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Over the following decades, Wycliffe celebrated many milestones – from the first translation in 1951, all the way to the 500th translation completed in 2000.

Around the same time Wycliffe adopted a new challenge – a goal of starting a Bible translation project in every language still needing one by 2025.

In 1999 the leaders realized that at the speed they were going, it would be at least 2150 before a Bible translation could be started for every language that needed one. As they thought about the people dying around the world every day without hearing the Good News of the Gospel, they felt God calling them to adopt a new goal for accomplishing this mission.

The leaders were committed that they should do everything they could to see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one in 2025. They initially called this goal ‘Vision 2025’, although they later adopted the words as their mission statement.

Today, up to 1,800 languages are still waiting for a Bible translation to begin and Wycliffe is working faster than ever to reach those languages as soon as possible.

Ruth Seedell