Steve writes . . . It’s not Fair-trade, Sainsbury’s

The Fairtrade Foundation was formed in 1992 and its members include Christian Aid, CAFOD, Tearfund, Global Justice Now and Traidcraft (the latter was an idea of students from my previous church in Durham).

The Foundation has been working tirelessly for years to educate us about the unfairness of trade which rewards multi-national companies but refuses to give farmers and other producers from the developing world a fair deal for the goods they produce for us. It’s been a highly successful campaign which has led to towns like Faringdon embracing Fairtrade status, to shops like our own Mustard Seed championing Fairtrade and to nearly 80% of British consumers being able to recognise the Fairtrade logo. The Fairtrade mark is the gold standard of ethical trading and the world’s most trusted and best-known food certification scheme.

Now, however Sainsbury’s are changing a system which has worked well for 25 years for both poor farmers and large supermarkets. They are no longer labelling their own brand teas as ‘Fairtrade’ but will call them ‘fairly traded’. Sainsbury’s are setting up their own in-house certification scheme and its own ethical standards. They are also changing the ‘social premium’ which is money that Fairtrade provides to farmers on top of the guaranteed minimum price they get for their produce. This money normally goes direct to the farmers who agree to spend it on social schemes such as pensions, sick pay or education which they themselves choose and control. Now Sainsbury’s is to decide how this money is used. Producers feel betrayed and that their rights are being taken away. It feels like colonialism and that Sainsbury’s want to control them. The danger is that Sainsbury’s may remove the Fairtrade mark from other products like their bananas and coffee and this could lead to wholesale withdrawal of goods marked Fairtrade in other supermarkets too.

The consequence of Sainsbury’s action is likely to be lower social and labour standards, more hardship in developing countries and real confusion among consumers. The Bible is very clear that we should deal fairly with others, especially the poor – for example see Amos 8:4-7 and Isaiah 3:14-15.

You might like to sign a petition objecting to Sainsbury’s rejection of the Fairtrade mark at or or you might ask a local Sainsbury’s manager why they are making changes which will make things harder for poor producers when Fairtrade has worked so well for a quarter of a century.

Yours in Christ,


Home Group Meetings in October

New members are always most welcome at all Home Groups – please contact the number listed below for more details.

Day and Dates Time Place Contact Subject

2nd, 16th & 30th

7.45pm 28 The Pines 240 532 Real Identity

Real Wisdom

Real Purpose


10th & 24th

2.30pm 2 Leamington Gate 615 009 Ephesians

11th & 25th

7.45pm 2 Leamington Gate 615 009 Book by Judy Hirst

12th & 26th

8.00pm 10B Coxwell Street 242 753 Isaiah

October Prayer Calendar

Please continue to pray for the life and work of our parishes

Sun 1st Saints Alive – Harvest this morning.
Mon 2nd Mission of the Month – Bible Society.
Tues 3rd The work of the Mustard Seed and Seekers Light.
Wed 4th “Life & Mission of God’s Church” prayer meeting this evening.
Thurs 5th For all Prayer  and Home Groups in our Church.
Fri 6th Our witness to friends and neighbours.
Sat 7th Leaders for our young people’s work.
Sun 8th United Service and CTIF AGM at All Saints’ this evening.
Mon 9th St Mary’s PCC meeting this evening.
Tues 10th Lynn Treneary on her return to South Sudan.
Wed 11th Open the Book at the Infant and Junior Schools tomorrow morning.
Thurs 12th “Has Science killed God?” talk by Dr Sharon Dirckx this evening.
Fri 13th Flower Guild decorating the Church this morning.
Sat 14th Men’s Group breakfast this morning.
Sun 15th Family bringing child for Baptism this morning.
Mon 16th Bell ringers practicing this evening.
Tues 17th Wardens, Vergers and Welcomers, Intercessors and Readers.
Wed 18th  Our continued search for a Director of Music.
Thurs 19th Steve, Graham, Helen, Barbara, Dick, John, Max & Paul.
Fri 20th Men’s Group Social this evening.
Sat 21st Magazine preparation this weekend.
Sun 22nd Worship and music at All Saints’ and St Mary’s.
Mon 23rd All who are ill, recently bereaved or in any other kind of need.
Tues 24th The Wisbey family.
Wed 25th Our Bishops Steven and Colin, and our Area Dean David.
Thurs 26th Open the Book at the Infant and Junior Schools this morning.
Fri 27th Allsorts this morning.
Sat 28th Friends of St Mary’s ‘Pop-up Market’ this morning.
Sun 29th Messy Church this afternoon. Allsaintstide Service this evening.
Mon 30th For all who help run our Churches.
Tues 31st Community activities in Faringdon and Little Coxwell.

Meetings for Prayer in October

All Saints’ seeks to have an active and regular prayer ministry with a number of informal meetings during the month to which all are very welcome.

Tuesday 3rd 2.00-3.00pm Julian Meeting (18 Eastfield Court)
Wednesday 4th 9.00am Morning Prayer (Lower Asset Room)
Wednesday 4th 7.30pm Life & Mission of Church (Barber Rooms)
Friday 6th 7.40-8.30am Parish Prayers (20 Market Place)
Tuesday 10th 8.00-9.00pm Julian Meeting (call 244 905 for venue)
Wednesday 11th 9.00am Morning Prayer (Lower Asset Room)
Friday 13th 7.40-8.30am Parish Prayers (20 Market Place)
Wednesday 18th 9.00am Morning Prayer (Lower Asset Room)
Wednesday 18th 10.30-11.30am Prayer for CMS (8 Coach Lane)
Friday 20th 7.40-8.30am Parish Prayers (20 Market Place)
Friday 20th 8.00pm Prayer for the World (Call 240 509 for venue)
Tuesday 24th 8.00-9.00pm Julian Meeting (call 244 905 for venue)
Wednesday 25th 9.00am Morning Prayer (Lower Asset Room)
Friday 27th 7.40-8.30am Parish Prayers (20 Market Place)


Life & Mission of God’s Church (1st Wednesday evening):         240 106

Julian Meeting (Tuesday afternoon): 241 039

Julian Meeting (Tuesday evening): 244 905

CMS Prayer Group (3rd Wednesday morning):  243 388

Parish Prayers (Friday am)
and Prayer for the World (Friday pm):  240 509


Mission of the Month for October: Bible Society

For over 200 years Bible Society has been working to bring the Bible to life; to help people around the world engage with it, relate to it, and make sense of it.

For us, this means specifically the work of the Open The Book Team, led by the Revd Barbara Mapley, on behalf of Churches Together in Faringdon.  Every fortnight, as part of a carefully designed programme, the team acts out a Bible story for over 500 children in three performances.   We use a collection of Bible stories specially written for performance, with the full approval of OFSTED and SIAMS for presentation in schools across our multi-faith country.  Currently, there are over 2500 schools nationwide on the programme.

For the charity, the aim of the mission to bring the Bible to life drives a huge range of activities. In some parts of the world, bringing the Bible to life focuses on translation and distribution projects. Elsewhere it focuses on leadership training, or literacy programmes, or interfaith dialogue. Closer to home, in England and Wales, it focuses on advocacy effort, schools outreach and devotional resources.

The Bible Society is doing everything it can to help individuals and communities to engage with the Bible because we believe that when they do, lives can change – for good.

Peter Foot

Missions News

News from the Church Mission Society

September was a busy month as we had the pleasure of a visit from our Mission Partner, Lynn Treneary, who had returned to the UK for a few weeks to attend her daughter’s wedding. She also tried to visit most of her Link churches who support her financially, and so she came to Faringdon on Sunday 10th September.

We knew that one of her pressing needs was for internet connection to help her keep in touch with her Link churches,. Therefore Max Young and his friends, and helpers from All Saints’, put on a ‘Super Sibilant Supper‘ the week before Lynn came, in order to raise some money towards the satellite and it’s connection. Those who came will agree that we had a lovely supper, followed by an entertainment that sent us home saying, “wasn’t that just fun”. Our thanks to Max and his friends who were such good sports, and those who came and raised £550.

On the Sunday following, Lynn came and preached at the 10.30am service. I think that all those who heard her speak were challenged by her natural way of speaking of her love for Jesus and her complete trust in God the Father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit for all of her life. Out of her trust, God has given her a tremendous love for all those she meets. The retiring collection added £160 to our gift to Lynn.

After the service Lynn showed pictures of Maridi and her work colleagues and told us more about the work she does with the college, the Church and the Mothers Union. She spoke of the terrible poverty, caused as a result of the fighting between some of the tribes, many people dying of starvation because their crops have been destroyed, thousands fleeing the country to Uganda, and no one able to travel out of the town.

But, the ordinary people who remain, especially the Mothers Union members, are helping each other, making children’s clothes, feeding the hundreds of orphans. There is no help or hope from those whose hearts are full of hate, nor from the government, but the ordinary people are finding that in the love of Jesus for them, they are coping and the churches are full and growing: they are proof of the verse in Romans 15 verse 13, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit”.

Lynn told us that her complete lack of fear and her ability to work in those difficult situations, is, she is sure, due to the prayers of her friends and her Link Parishes. It is like the story of Moses in Exodus 17, when the Israelites were fighting the Amalekites, Moses held his arms aloft praying to God for deliverance, and when his arms were tired his two friends came and held his arms up for him. Our Church has promised to be those friends for Lynn, praying with and for her.

CMS can help you to be constant in prayer. The quarterly newspaper, The Call gives prayer requests and information. We put 10 copies in the Church, but I can get one for you each quarter, or, if you sign up as a CMS member, you will get one sent to you. Another real help to prayer, is the weekly prayer paper sent from CMS by e-mail every Friday. This usually includes a piece of up-to-date news from South Sudan.

If you would like me to forward you the prayer paper (weekly) or The Call (quarterly), please send an e-mail to or if you are not on e-mail, I can leave them in Church on Sundays with your name on.

As Lynn returns to South Sudan this month, to a very difficult situation, let us make sure that we, as a congregation, support her with our prayers.

Joan Plumptre

St Mary’s News

Pop-up Market in Little Coxwell: A variety of village crafts and products will be on sale at Little Coxwell Village Hall on Saturday 28th October from 10.00am to 12:30pm. Stalls include: honey from Little Coxwell bees, artisan pens, cushions, homemade marmalade, Christmas Stockings, greetings cards with modern designs and historic scenes, Aloe Vera products, knitted gloves, fudge, paintings and many more handmade crafts.

The Market is in support of the Friends of St Mary’s, the registered charity dedicated to funding the upkeep of the fabric of Little Coxwell’s Church and graveyard. Enquiries about the market to 01367 240 832.

The next PCC meeting is on Monday 9th October at 7.45pm at Gorse Cottage.

The St Mary’s Carol Service is on Saturday 16th December at 6.00 pm – join us for carols and lessons.

All Saints’ Men’s Group

After our first successful year of meeting together, we look forward to welcoming men and their friends to our new schedule of breakfasts and social activities. From September 2017 to July 2018, the theme of our breakfast talks is ‘Growing in Discipleship’, and we will focus on a different aspect each month.


Saturday 14th October 2017 – 8.00-9.30 a.m.

Men’s Breakfast in the Barber Rooms (bacon butties, tea and coffee) with a short talk and small group discussion on “Growing in love”.


Friday 20th October 2017  –  7.00 -10.00 p.m.

Pub Games, Real Ale and Curry Night in the Barber Rooms. (£3 per person). To help with the catering, please let us know in advance if you are coming.

For more information, to receive a copy of the new schedule or to book a place on the October social, please contact:
Pete Southerden or John Coleman via the Contact page

All Saintstide

If you wish to make a donation towards the cost of the lilies, please put your contribution in a sealed envelope with your name on the front before giving it to me. If you wish to make a dedication, please also write the names clearly.

Many thanks.

Jeni (240 912)