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We were pleased to hear that our Mission Partner, Lynn Treneary, arrived back in Maridi, South Sudan, safely in November. The situation was not good as there had been some fighting in the area during her absence.

She went with our good wishes and some money collected from her Link Parishes to pay for her internet connection. On 13th November we received the following e-mail

Dear Joan,

Thank you for your lovely email.

It has been and still is a real epic of a journey to try and get the internet connected. The short story is the engineers have been with me a week, after I had to send the car for them, and have not managed with two modems. They have given up today. They are going back to Yambio and then returning with a new modem.

I should tell you they are taking a risk as, as recently as Saturday, lootings took place on the road quite near here. Fuel is still exorbitant. I’m so glad I had the collection from you all which is helping me to not stress too much.

I hope to be in touch again before too long. In the meantime please add to your other prayers for a stop to HIV AIDS and Hepatitis B ravaging us like wildfire.

Love to you allĀ  Lynn

During November we collected donations towards the new plane from MAF to be based in Juba, South Sudan. This plane will help Lynn to move around more easily, as the roads are not safe, with armed patrols roaming the area. It will also bring her post and enable her to get to Uganda to her bank.

This magazine will be printed before we know the total raised, but it will be on the Barber Rooms notice boards. Our thanks to those who signed the Christmas Cards for Lynn, they have been posted to her.

I do ask readers to make a practice of reading the CMS board, every time you visit the Barber Rooms. The board is updated most weeks, with topics for your prayers. Our congregation have promised to support Lynn by our prayers for her. Lynn says that she relies on this and knows when God is answering our prayers.

We heard this week of an answer to our prayers for South Sudan from Malcolm, a CMS Mission Partner based in Gulu, Uganda. He had visited a refugee camp in north Uganda, where thousands of South Sudanese from different tribes had fled. There was a strong belief that God was at work there, uniting the different tribes. They hope and pray that, when the refugees are able to return to South Sudan, they will take this spirit of co-operation with them.

Other news from CMS

Six years ago, a young lad called Steve, visited South America with his school. They visited a waste tip in Honduras and met the children, over 100 of them, who spent their lives picking over the rubbish, looking for things they could sell or eat. They had no hope and many died of poisoning from the fumes. Steve met and talked with a young lad of 13, it was his birthday and Steve could not forget him.

Six years later, and Steve has returned to Honduras as a Mission Partner of CMS. During those years, CMS had partnered with the charity, Street Kids Direct and set up a school especially for the children from the tip and called it Love, Faith and Hope. Steve found that Jimmy was there, in the school, now aged 19 and doing well, a changed person.

While Steve was there, a local shoe chain offered to give 100 of the school children a free pair of shoes. Jimmy was one of the chosen ones and he was so proud to show Steve his first ever pair of new shoes

The next weekend Jimmy went with Steve to visit a children’s home in the area, proudly wearing his new shoes. Steve saw him talking with a young boy in the home, then he saw Jimmy reach into his bag, pull out his old shoes and put them on his feet. He then gave his new shoes to the boy in the home.

Steve went over to this boy and asked what was going on. The boy said that Jimmy had said that God had blessed him so much in his life. He had said ” I have two pairs of shoes now and yours are falling apart, and I want to pass on God’s Blessing to you” Jimmy didn’t say anything to Steve, he didn’t say “Look what I have done” he just did it.

It is a challenge to us this Christmas. God has given us so much in our lives and Blessed us. Can we, like Jimmy, quietly pass on God’s Blessing to someone in need.

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