Think, Pray, Vote – EU Referendum Resources for Churches

This thoughtful and helpful 27-page document can be downloaded from the internet at

The above document explores some of the key issues in the debate. These may not be the issues which are being covered in the media, but they explore crucial questions about how the UK relates to the EU, now and in the future. There may be other issues, not covered in this resource, which are particularly important to you as Christians in your area, and we encourage you to explore these as well. The resource includes personal opinions from two Christians who will be voting in different ways in the referendum, as well as offering further resources and some background information on the EU. This resource can be used in a variety of ways, either individually or as part of a group discussion.


Loving God,
In the referendum that lies before us,
in the challenge of seeking an answer,
in our differences of opinion,
in our need to understand,
may you guide us in our decisions,
make us gracious in our disagreement,
and may we join you to work for the building of your kingdom rather than our own.