What we’re about

At All Saints’ we have agreed a “Values & Vision Statement”, which sets out the priorities we have agreed for our church.

This statement begins with our core priorities that define what we are seeking to be as a church, as follows:

We want to be a Christian community

  • seeking for and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • based on a mature and rounded understanding of Scripture
  • centred on worship that gives glory to God
  • prayerfully dependent on the life-giving power of God
  • sharing the good news of the love of Christ in all we say and do

All of us, whatever our individual gifts, can share in making this a reality, by nurturing our own faith, seeking to root our lives in prayer, seeking to learn more in our faith, and participating in our worship.

The “Values & Vision Statement” then goes on to outline the different ways that we as a church are seeking to live out our faith. In these areas, we will each participate in very different ways, depending on our own particular gifts.

What are our priorities in seeking to live out our faith?

Being inclusive and welcoming to all who come to us

  • whatever their age, their background or their stage of faith
  • enabling them to explore faith in God in their own way and in their own time
  • encouraging growth into discipleship

Reaching out and sharing God’s love in the world around us

  • by taking every appropriate opportunity to proclaim the gospel message
  • by giving people opportunities to discover the love and the grace of God
  • by serving our local community in practical ways
  • by offering loving friendship to all
  • by putting into practice our concern for the needs of the world
  • in all of this, working with other local churches wherever possible

Caring for one another and helping each other to grow in faith

  • by providing a variety of groups and events for worship, prayer, Bible study and fellowship, for people of all different ages and backgrounds
  • by looking after each other’s needs pastorally, and ensuring that no one is left out or forgotten
  • by nurturing and using people’s gifts and helping people grow to maturity
  • by helping the whole congregation to embrace the Vision and to implement it