Mission of the Month November – Adventure Plus

Adventure Plus (A+) started from small beginnings as a youth work charity in 1990, to inspire young people to make positive life choices and embrace the adventure of life. A+ helps young people to realise their potential through adventure and education in a positive Christian environment. It has grown significantly (six-fold since 2000) and now provides adventure youthwork to over 6,000 children and young people each year.

They have recently acquired a site at Windmill Farm in Clanfield and are now seeking funding to complete purchase by the end of 2018, They already have planning consent to build an Adventure- Base, where they will create youth accommodation for up to 40 people, and a range of indoor and outdoor facilities.

Among their patrons are Bear Grylls, Bishop Colin Fletcher and Jeremy Vine.

For more information see www.adventureplus.org.uk

Missions of the Month for October – Bible Society – Scripture Union – Wycliffe

Bible Society – Scripture Union – Wycliffe Bible Translators

It is appropriate that Bible Sunday (25th October) falls during the month we focus on our three Missions for the Month. All three missions are concerned with people all round the world having access to God’s word, by translation, distribution and teaching but I would like to concentrate on the Bible Society this year.

Recently, a new state of the art visitor and education centre has opened in North Wales. It celebrates the life of Mary Jones and how her journey transformed the lives of millions of people and how the Bible Society was set up because of her.

Mary was born to a very poor family on 16th December 1784, in the Welsh village of Llanfihangel-y-Pennant, at the foot of Cader Idris. A school opened which was two hour round trip from Mary’s home, so she took the trip every day, determined to become a scholar. She progressed very well. Mary desperately wanted a Bible of her own, so she visited a neighbour, Mrs Evans who allowed her to read hers. Mary earned money by doing chores for neighbours so she could afford her own Bible.

After six years of careful saving, Mary had saved enough money for her Bible but they were not available in her village. The Reverend Thomas Charles sold them in Bala, over twenty five miles away.

So in the summer of 1800, Mary set out alone, clutching her money and carrying her shoes. (so as not to wear them out). On her arrival, the Revd. Charles told her that his last Bible was promised to someone else. Mary was so devastated and disappointed and the Revd. Charles was so greatly moved by Mary’s efforts to own a Bible that he gave her his last Bible.

In December 1802, the Revd. Charles went to London and told the committee of the Religious Tract Society about the desperate need for Bibles and cited Mary’s story. Fifteen months later, the British and Foreign Bible Society was formed for “the wider distribution of the scriptures”. The Clapham Sect, a group of Evangelicals, including William Wilberforce were important in its establishment.

The governing committee was interdenominational and included fifteen Anglicans, fifteen Free Church laymen and six representatives of foreign churches.

Local groups arose throughout Britain to raise funds and distribute Bibles in their localities. Similar Bible Societies were formed in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, France, Greece and the USA. They worked closely with the growing missionary endeavours to bring the Bible to people in many languages.

Mary died at the age of 82. In her town of Llanfihangel-y-Pennant, a monument has been erected with the following inscription in English and Welsh.

In memory of Mary Jones, who in the year 1800, at the age of 16 walked from here to Bala, to procure from the Revd Thomas Charles, B.A., a copy of the Welsh Bible, this incident was the occasion of the formation of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Erected by the Sunday Schools of Merioneth’ .

The new visitor centre tells the story of Mary Jones and Thomas Charles and the impact of the world’s best-selling book on Wales and the world. There are interactive displays, videos, exhibits and activities that bring Mary’s fascinating story to life from 1800 to the present day.

The centre is located on the A494 on the edge of Bala Lake. If you are visiting that area why not call in? (see www.bydmaryjonesworld.org.uk)

Mission of the Month for September – tearfund

Tearfund works throughout the world with its Partners.

During September we pray especially for Malawi where HIV is rife and Tearfund is assisting antenatal services to empower people to prevent its spread.

In Ethiopia , they have helped many women to start their own small businesses, just 7p a week has helped MANY, for example , one mum Tigist, since 2011 she has been able to feed her family three times a day and her children now go to school.

13th-19th September—NO CHILD TAKEN

This is an anti-trafficking campaign. Please pray and give, to assist TEARFUND’S  work to prevent this happening especially in Cambodia and Laos.

During the period 20th-26th September we ask you to pray especially for Bihar a state in north east India, where Tearfund together with Emmanuel Hospital Association have set up a Vigilance Committee to deter the Traffickers.

Please: Pick up a diary from the Mission Table and pray for Tearfund and its partners (mostly Local Churches).

Audrey Jefferies

see http://www.tearfund.org/ for more details.