Psalms Course III

I am very grateful to all those who have again this year supported me in this venture with their interest, encouragement, attendance and prayer, and particularly to all who have provided wonderful practical help with the projector, piano, and coffee, as well as to the many always ready to lend a hand with setting out and putting away furniture. For my part I have been greatly blessed with fresh insights in the process of preparation and discussion. I do hope and pray that the course has brought some blessing to others also.

Next summer, God willing, I hope to provide a fourth and final Psalms Course on Book 5 of the Psalter, Psalms 107-150.

Some have asked me if the course will lead to a book. Unless I am guided in totally unexpected directions, the answer is “No, not a formal publication, but I may edit my handouts into a continuous ‘e-book’ which I hope to circulate at the end of the final course freely to everyone on the Psalms Group mailing list, and to anyone else who wants one.

Paul Winchester.

The final two sessions, on Psalms 101-106, will be on Wednesday 5th July (evening) and Thursday 13th July (afternoon).

A course of six talks, one every fortnight on Books 3 & 4 of the Psalter.  Open to all.

The Lord is King

A message of hope for turbulent times

Book 3 Psalms 73-89

King and Temple are fallen, but God is still on Zion, a beacon of hope and joy in the darkest days

1 Psalms 73-77 From despair to renewed faith in Lion of Judah on Zion
2 Psalms 78-83 Promise of deliverance for a responsive people
3 Psalms 84-89 Longing for God; glimpsing joy in the midst of tragedy

Book 4 Psalms 90-106

The Renewal of Faith in God and Hope in the Messiah

4 Psalms 90-92 God our Refuge in every age; Overture to the great celebration of the Kingship of God
5 Psalms 93-100 In praise of God the King
6 Psalms 101-106 Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven; preparing to return home, led by the voice of David heard again
Subject Evening Meetings
Wednesdays 7.45 for 8.00pm
Finish 9.00pm
Afternoon Meetings
Thursdays 2.15 for 2.30pm
Finish 3.30pm
Psalms 73-77 26th April 4th May
Psalms 78-83 10th May 18th May
Psalms 84-89 24th May 1st June
Psalms 90-92 ? June 15th June
Psalms 93-100 21st June 29th June
Psalms 101-106 5th July 13th July

All Meetings will be held in The Barber Rooms, All Saints’ Church, Faringdon