Food Bank

The food bank has now been re-located to a store room in the Baptist Church. We had to run stock down because of the move from the previous site, but we will be happy to receive donations during the Harvest Service. We are now in need of the following items: instant coffee, tea, sugar, cereals, tinned tomatoes, soups, tinned meals (stews, curries, etc), biscuits, baked beans. Please make sure that items have at least a six-month BBE date. We still have huge amounts of all types of pasta and tins of tuna, so we aren’t in need of any more at present!

Jeni Summerfield

Our New Music Director

Hello, thank you all for the warm welcome you have given me and my family.

I have been married to Caroline for 27 years. Caroline is a Piano Teacher and plays piano/keyboards and sings backing vocals at church.

We have 3 children: Adam (14) currently studying for his GCSEs and who has an interest in sound and drums; Zachary (20) currently in his second year at Oxford Brookes University, studying Politics, Economics and International Relations, and plays electric guitar and drums; and Hannah (23), married to Mathew White, who has a degree in education from Oxford Brookes and now works at Tower Hill School Witney and is training to be a teacher.

One of my roles is Director of International Ambassadors short term missions, and during a recent summer mission to Indonesia we were greeted by Muslim government officials, Christian Leaders from lots of churches, and reporters. It turned out that the local Muslim government realised that after the last time we visited the crime rate had gone down, so they decided to back and promote another visit.

They hired a football stadium and the Muslim government officials sat alongside Christians on the platform each night while we sang and preached the gospel. I was also given the top Indonesian pop band as my backing group and I trained with them for a few days; we performed on the last night. 15,000 people turned up at each meeting and I witnessed around 3,000 each night give their lives to Christ . . . with God all things are possible!

I look forward to what God is going to do through All Saints’ to reach the wider community in Faringdon.

Denvyl Lewis

Join a winning team

All Saints’ bellringers are now officially the best in the Vale. We won the Greenley Shield in the annual competition on 18th May. This year it was held at Longcot and nine bands took part during an enjoyable social sunny evening.

The standard of our ringing even surprised us, and we were streets ahead of our arch rivals, St Andrew’s Shrivenham. They will surely practice to fight back next year. If you want to keep the shield at Faringdon please join us to keep All Saints ahead.  We are recruiting hard this year.

Ringing is a pleasure, a hobby, a duty and a passion according to taste. It is the national music of England. Ringing can greatly enhance your life, without it the world would not know that the Church was alive and well. Do come and see what it is and please publicise it to friends and relations who may not read the Parish Magazine.

The day after the competition we did one of bellringers’ other traditions, ringing for a national celebration. On Saturday, we rang for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Jon Chamberlain

All Saints’ Annual Parochial Church Meeting

The APCM followed a shortened service of Morning Prayer at 10.30am on Sunday 15th April, with 76 Electoral Roll members attending. The Meeting of Parishioners took place first to elect the Church Wardens.

This was followed by the APCM, where the Annual Accounts for 2017 and the Annual Review of life at All Saints’ were presented, together with a report from our Vicar. The Electoral Roll Officer, in her report, said we now have 196 people on the Roll. The meeting also elected four new members to serve on PCC for a three year term. Copies of the reports presented can be found on the notice board by the Servery.

Your PCC, following the elections, is now as follows:

Ex officio members:

The Vicar and Chair Revd Dr J Stephen Bellamy
Licensed Lay Ministers Dr Graham Scott-Brown and Helen Wilson
Church Wardens Katie Foot and Jim McGowan
Deanery Synod Reps Peter Foot, John Seedell, Margaret Starr, David Wilson

Elected Members

Until APCM 2019 Kate Butcher, Julie Campbell, Elaine Cox, Ibby Southerden, Peter Southerden
Until APCM 2020 John Coleman, Emma Kate Crebbin, Joanne Raybone, Wendy Tynan
Until APCM 2021 Jon Chamberlain, Linda Ritchie, Helen Jackson, Mark Jackson
Hon Treasurer David Wilson
Hon Secretary Linda Ritchie
Buildings Manager Bruce Garfield (invited to attend PCC when needed}

The PCC are your representatives, so please do speak to any of them about things you like about All Saints’, things which concern you, and hopefully, lots of ideas for the future.

Ringing for the market

The Town Council held a ceremony in the Market Place on Tuesday 6th March to mark the 800th anniversary of the grant of Faringdon’s Market Charter by King Henry III.

They asked All Saints’ to ring our bells before and after, which we were pleased to arrange. We were not able to raise a local band so we asked an enthusiastic group of ringers who regularly ring at towers around Oxford to attempt a quarter peal between 9.00 and 10.00am. They were not successful but they enjoyed themselves and the message to the public was the same – that the church is alive and well and a part of the community.

After the ceremony and ringers had been served coffee, four All Saints’ ringers joined the visitors until 11.30am.

We hope you enjoyed the music

Update on the Fabric Group

The last few months have been a very busy period for the Fabric Group – much has been achieved, but we still have a long list of points that we would like to see addressed over the next year or so. The Fabric Group provides a focus for managing the range of building issues facing the church; the group is made up of Bruce Garfield (our Buildings Manager), Andrew Sargent, Geoff Edgington, Jon Chamberlain and myself. We are a diverse group with very different skills and experience – and that diversity seems to help us to work effectively together. We are always on the lookout for additional members, so please talk to any one of us if you are interested in finding out more.

One of our key tasks last year was to review the list of ongoing building issues and agree with the PCC which issues we should treat as the priority for resolving. After much discussion, we agreed upon eight priority issues – and of these eight issues, six have now been completed, while the remaining two are top priorities for the current year.

The six areas that we have completed so far are:

  • Creating a Church Office in the Barber Rooms from the old store area;
  • Installing new boiler for heating the Church;
  • Installing an additional audio-visual screen to improve visibility for the Music Group;
  • Brighter lighting on main platform (under tower crossing) – and at the same time we also upgraded the bulbs in the Unton Aisle;
  • Installation of speakers in Barber Rooms;
  • Installation of wifi in the Church & Barber Rooms.

The priority areas for the current year include extending the Pye Chapel platform (we received approval for this work just a couple of months ago) and repairs to the roof, gutters and sky lights – which was an issue highlighted in our last Quinquennial inspection. We will provide more updates on these and other building matters over the next few months.

Thank you for your ongoing support and if you have any questions or comments about building matters in the Church over the coming months, please speak to myself or any of the other members of the Fabric Group.

Jim McGowan

Worship Review Group Recommendations

As Steve explained on Sunday 4th February, the PCC decided that after Easter we should stop having our current 6.30pm Sunday evening services. We and Steve realise that this has caused some disquiet and are sorry for any hurt or misunderstanding caused.

The PCC decision was based on proposals put forward by the Worship Review Group, a sub-committee of the PCC, which was set up in the autumn and met on a number occasions to consider our current patterns of worship. This group was made up of six PCC members and three others, representing a cross section of All Saints’, and included the three of us.

As a church, our agreed aim is ‘connecting people with Jesus, sharing his love in our everyday lives’. This means connecting our own church family with Jesus, as well as looking outwards to the wider community. Uppermost in our minds was to ensure that communion remains available every Sunday and there will be no change to the 8.00am service. The 10.30am service will also remain in its current form, with a small change to the pattern of baptisms.

Stopping the 6.30pm service in its current format will give us the space and time to pray and discern the way forward, as we take seriously God’s calling to reach out to the wider community. The existing Lead Academy group will report back to the PCC at the May meeting with draft proposals for the future. In the meantime, as we actively seek God’s will, prayer must be at the heart of this discernment and so from May onwards, the monthly prayer meeting will be moved from Wednesdays to the first Sunday evening of each month.

Please do not hesitate to talk to any of us if you have any further questions or concerns.

Katie Foot, Jim McGowan and Helen Wilson

Morning for (would-be) preachers

Putting Faces on the Words:
preaching which touches the imagination

The Revd David Day, former Principal of St John’s College Durham, and author of Embodying the Word leads a morning to encourage preachers on Saturday 17th March at the Barber Rooms. Coffee will be served from 9.15am for a start at 9.30am, and the morning will conclude at 12.30pm.

All preachers (of all denominations) and those interested in preaching are very welcome.

If you’d like to come, it would help us if you were able to confirm in advance so we have some idea of numbers, please contact the administrator

Revision of the All Saints’ Electoral Roll

The Church Electoral Roll will be revised by the PCC, beginning on Sunday 18th March 2018 and ending on Saturday 31st March 2018.

After the Revision, a copy of the Roll will be exhibited for not less than 14 days on, or near to, the main door of the Church for inspection.

Under the Church Representation Rules any persons are entitled to have their names entered on the roll if they:
(i)     are baptised and aged 16 or over;
(ii)    have signed a form of application for enrolment;
and either
(iii)             are members of the Church of England or of any Church in communion with the Church of England being resident in the parish or (not being resident in the parish) having habitually attended public worship in the parish during the six months prior to the application for enrolment;
(iv)   are members in good standing of a Church (not in communion with the Church of England) which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity declaring themselves also to be members of the Church of England and having habitually attended public worship in the parish during  the period of six months prior to enrolment.

If you are not on the Electoral Roll at the moment you can apply by filling in an application form and returning it to the Electoral Roll Officer, Julia Burn. The forms will be in All Saints’ from Sunday 18th February.

For more information please contact Julia Burn: 240 670

News from All Saints’ PCC

The parents of our Sunday Special and Pathfinder children met together in the Barber Rooms one Friday in September. They enjoyed a meal, a quiz and an interview with the Vicar. They were asked how All Saints’ can best help them and their children. Following on from this we now have a Bible Study evening for young parents and lots of new ideas for the children’s groups on Sundays.

Parents and children will again be able to enjoy a Messy Nativity on Thursday 21st December (4.00-6.00pm), just after they break up from school. We hope that the crafts, food and Nativity they enjoy together will get their Christmas holiday off to a very happy start. The Christingle service will be at Epiphany on 7th January, when we celebrate the coming of the Wise Men. Information on all the Christmas services and activities will be detailed on a card to be handed out in December.

The first of the Church Prayer meetings was also extremely well attended, and more chairs needed to accommodate everyone. We discussed and prayed in small groups, and together, and found the evening and the handouts very helpful. It was good to get a full picture of all that goes on in our church and community and be able to pray about it together. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 1st November.

Our new Church Administrator, Margaret Townsend, started on 2nd October, and her office in the Barber Rooms is almost ready for her. Thanks are due to the newly formed Fabric Group, who has driven this, and many other necessary jobs forward.

The PCC, at their last meeting, spent some time discussing the Deanery Mission Action Plan (MAP). This is a five year programme, and aims to look at where we are now, what progress we have made, and set goals for the future.

Next year, 2018, sees 100 years since the end of World War 1, and the town is planning to celebrate this with a number of events. All Saints’ will join in with this by staging a Flower Festival during the August Bank Holiday weekend. We also hope to ring the bells and serve teas to those visiting the flower festival.

Finally, a reminder to put Friday 8th December in your diary for the Town Nativity in the Market Square at 6.00pm.