Good news of a Curate

I was delighted to announce recently that Paul Walker will be joining us as our curate from next July. Paul is training for ordination at Trinity College Bristol. He is married to Sheree and they have two daughters Charlotte (6) and Harriet (4) and are expecting another baby early this month.

Paul sends us this message: ‘Sheree, Charlotte, Harriet and I are very excited about coming to Faringdon and Little Coxwell next summer. We’re currently living in Bristol while I train at Trinity College and we expect another small member of our family to arrive very shortly!

‘Life has changed quite a bit over the last few years, and we’re learning to trust Jesus more as we see him at work in and through our lives and the lives of those we meet. We look forward to joining in with the things God is doing with and through you as well, and pray that you’d be blessed as you join in where you see him at work!

‘Lastly—and most importantly, please pray that as a family we’d remain close to Jesus and continue to seek him in all we do throughout this period of change. We will be praying that very much for you as well. Every blessing, Paul’.

So as we thank God for his call to them to come to Faringdon and Little Coxwell, please be praying from hereon for the Walker family as they prepare to come and join us.

Steve Bellamy