Graham Scott-Brown writes

The Interregnum . . .

 The expectancy, nay more, certainty that spring is on the way and will be followed by summer, life, growth and fruitfulness.

Over the years I have seen muntjac deer in my garden only twice but recently there has been a visitor on a regular basis. It comes almost up to the window at the back of the house and has a special penchant for mowing the violet patch there. Margaret loves it but I can’t help thinking “what will happen this summer?” If this brazen intruder comes right up to the house to browse on my violets what will it do to my peas, beans, lettuces, courgettes and spinach out of sight at the bottom of the garden. (Can anyone lend me an air gun, but don’t tell Margaret!) So, expectancy is tinged with anxiety.

What will the New Broom do? What will they not do that I think they should do? The parish profile says that “We need someone who can think strategically and work with the congregation to implement necessary change”. Will I like it or will it move me out of my comfort zone? Also we need someone who will “challenge us to take the good news of Jesus to the residents of Faringdon more effectively”. What will that involve?

I have enormously appreciated the variety in worship that the interregnum has brought us (Barbara chanting the Te Deum antiphonally, so many people rushing forward in the Church to proclaim their allegiance to Jesus and other unusual events). I look towards the end of the interregnum with great expectancy not untinged with anxiety.

One thing gives me courage. In heaven they have never heard of interregnums. Jesus is king of kings, unchanging, for ever and ever. Just as in the first three chapters of Revelation he knew exactly what was happening in each church, their strengths and weaknesses, and what their especial needs were, so he knows us both individually and corporately and what our special needs are now.

“Lord Jesus send us the person of your choosing, the one fitted to bring life and blessing to Faringdon.”

Graham Scott Brown