Home Groups in July

New members are always most welcome at all Home Groups – please contact the numbers listed below for more details.

Day and Dates





Monday 18th

7.45 pm

28 The Pines

240 532

Life on the Frontline

Monday 4th & 18th

7.45 pm

1 Haynes Close

241 975

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Tuesday 12th & Aug 2nd

2.30 pm

2 Leamington Gate

615 009

Being Church

Wednesday 13th & 27th

7.45 pm

7 Badbury Close

241 860

Every Thursday

7.30 pm

2 Ferndale Street

241 161


Thursday 14th & 28th

8.00 pm

10B Coxwell Street

242 753

There is a wonderfully wide variety of Home groups in our parish that nurture our faith, help us grow in understanding of biblical teaching and our relationship with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is done by studying individual books of the Bible together, discussions and a deepening of bonds of friendship, fellowship and discipleship as the groups meet regularly.

Sometimes short courses are followed similar to some Lent or Advent courses, and sometimes a specific theme is explored to enable the living out of our beliefs in daily life. There is no set pattern and each group has evolved its own style and emphasis to enable us to learn from one another about being a Christian in today’s world, to support each other and to pray together informally.

One of the groups is following an Emmaus course (part written by the new Bishop of Oxford, Stephen Croft) entitled ‘Knowing the Father’ and the first session ended with a challenge to write a short statement, something between a poem and a prayer, about God as creator of earth and heaven, and also as our Father, our creator. The lines were to begin with the letters G, O, D. It was challenging but the response was amazingly varied, creative and very special. With the contributors’ permission I wanted to share some of them with the readers of the magazine, to encourage others to have a go themselves in this exercise but also to stimulate encouragement to join a home group if not already attending one – just contact the named person in the list above for the group that meets on the day and time that suits you.

Gentle Father, How great you are . . .

Overall your love and gifts are more than we can take in . . .

Down here your creation astounds us in its wonder and beauty . . .

God, good Creator, please accept my praises

Offered, dear Father, on this happy morning

Death now defeated, life unending granted: Heaven now wide open.

Gazing at the complexity and beauty of creation and our world, our hearts are filled with wonder and awe at the works of your hands, O God,

Over all that is, from the tiniest molecule to the mightiest mountains, can be found your fingerprints of love and care sustaining all that you have made,

Diversity beyond imagining, colour, size, strength, type, longevity and purpose – everything is caught up in a unity of relationship to you, our Father and creator, and we give you thanks and praise now and forever. Amen

Glorious is your creation, 

Only you could have made it so beautiful,

Don’t let us destroy this miracle you have given us.

Barbara Mapley