Introduction to the Fabric Group

The Fabric Group was formed a few months ago to help manage the range of building matters facing the church. The group is chaired by Bruce Garfield, with the other members being Andrew Sargent, Geoff Edgington, Jon Chamberlain and myself.

One of our first tasks was to list all the ongoing building issues (including those raised in our last Quinquennial inspection) and arrange them in priority order, with our intention being to focus on the top six or seven – other topics will be added when we’ve completed some of the highest priority items.

We’ve outlined this approach to the PCC and we’ve agreed that the high priority areas that we will focus on are as follows (with the highest priority at the top):

  • Additional screen on pillar (to increase visibility for Music Group)
  • Adapting Barber Rooms store area into Church Office
  • Roof / rainwater goods repairs (with work phased over a couple of years)
  • Installation of wifi in Church & Barber Rooms
  • Extension of Pye Chapel dais
  • Additional lighting on main platform (under tower crossing)
  • Installation of speakers in Barber Rooms

Even this list of “high priority” items is a long list!  Some of this work will require approval by the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) – which is effectively a dedicated “planning permission” system for the Church of England, but some of the more minor items can be done without this consultation process – which should enable us to achieve some quick wins.

Thank you for your ongoing support and if you have any questions or comments about building matters in the Church over the coming months, please speak to myself or any of the other members of the Fabric Group.

Jim McGowan