Mission News – October

David & Liza Cooke – Our CMS Link Partners in Eldoret, Kenya

Friday 4th September saw a new Ladies football match in the Borderlands.  Five teams each with members from different tribes in the area, played very competitive football in a happy spirit which added to the aim of peace building in the area.  The men were involved in organising the event and equal numbers came from the different tribes. About 1000 people came to help or to watch and teams and spectators mixed happily together.

As people came and went during the afternoon, peace messages were given throughout the event.  Sadly there were no members of the Provincial Administration attending, but the many men who were there were surprised and impressed by the standard of the ladies football!!

This may not sound what many expect to see as ‘Missionary Work’ but we are all called to show God’s Love for all in the way we live.  By showing that love to the mothers and helping them to see the results of learning to love each other across tribal divides, you influence the whole family.

David and Liza will be in the UK for a few weeks.  Their youngest daughter is to be married and their other children with their families will all be together for the first time in six years, so they will not be visiting their Link Churches on this visit. We have sent our love and best wishes from All Saints’ for a very happy time together.

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Share the joy of supporting our CMS Timothy partners

We hope you will feel a renewed desire to pray for CMS and support our Timothy mission partners as you discover how God is blessing their work across Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

Inspired by the Apostle Paul and how he nurtured Timothy with guidance on leading, growing and pastoring the local church, we are privileged to be partnering with churches overseas and helping them to identify, train and support Christian leaders like Rachel Karanja in Kenya.

After connecting with CMS, Rachel coordinated a project installing biogas units in Kenya and Uganda. Despite suffering a stroke in 2013, she has since founded Women of Destiny Kenya. Using CMS tools like financial freedom for vulnerable women, she is desperate to help more women start their own businesses.

£5 pays for Rachel to mentor another woman wanting to develop her own business.

Through our Timothy fund, we are also supporting Anderson Sanchez as a pastor, evangelist and teacher in Peru. Anderson is seeing doors open to share the gospel in many different places including a unit for young offenders.

£10 pays for Anderson and ex-offender Alexis to make one visit to the young offenders unit and share the gospel.

We currently support over 50 CMS Timothy mission partners, however, there are many more passionate and gifted leaders that we would love to help local churches to identify, nurture and fulfil their missionary calling.