Mission of the Month for August – Wycliffe Bible Translators

The Bible for everyone

Wycliffe believe in universal access for all. They want everyone to have the chance to engage with the message of Jesus – in the language that speaks to them best. For over 60 years, they’ve been pioneering and innovating, working alongside communities around the world.

1.5 billion people are still waiting. One in five people worldwide, still doesn’t have a Bible in their own language. It’s not right that some of us have free access to the Bible, while others have none.

That’s why Wycliffe works with urgency for the long term.

Currently they have 362 people from the UK and Ireland serving 326 languages spoken by 461 million people in 56 countries.

Dependent on God, backed by our financial and prayer support, specially trained personnel seek to make God’s Word available to all.

For further information, visit Wycliffe’s excellent web site – www.wycliffe.org.uk and see display boards in Church.