Mission of the Month for December: The Children’s Society

The Church of England Children’s Society is a leading national charity dedicated to providing vital help and support for those who are affected by disadvantage and discrimination in their daily lives. Children who are unable to cope, feel unsafe and are unable to find the support, help or understanding they need. The Society also helps those with learning difficulties, disabled children and children in care.

The Society’s Project Workers help children with their problems by listening, supporting and acting to change their lives, working with children one-to-one and in groups to help them stay safe and re-build their lives when the worst has happened to them.

Last year the Society’s Project Workers helped over 13,000 young people across the country and have changed the lives of millions of young people through its campaigning and lobbying work and so far 27 councils have agreed to support those leaving care by providing council tax exemptions.

Its campaigning work is bringing real, lasting change to many lives. Its partnership with businesses, councils and fund-raising bodies is continuing to bring results that allow thousands of vulnerable children to flourish.

The Society’s annual Good Childhood Report, launched last month, produced in partnership with the University of York, revealed very many serious problems which are making young people feel worried – fear of crime, living in a family struggling to pay the bills, etc. The report also shows that too many children don’t feel safe, loved or able to cope.

Your continuing help enables the Society to do its work in reaching out to those in great need. Thanks to your support many young people have been able to access the social, physical and financial resources they need to help them with the issues they are facing. Without your help so many young lives would not have changed for the better.

Very many thanks for your loyalty and support of this worthy cause. It is greatly appreciated.

Hazel Catling
242 355