Mission of the Month for July – INF

International Nepal Fellowship (INF)
Nepal now has a Marxist/Maoist Government as the pro-Indian Congress Party was defeated in recent elections. There is now an embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in Kathmandu. Until recently the relationship with India was under pressure when Nepal declared itself a Secular State instead of a Hindu State. A dam project is now going ahead, it had been suspended because of the pressure from India. There are plans to build an extension of a railway from Tibet into Nepal! India and China both built main roads in Nepal in the 1960s.
Nepal has always been proud of its position as a country never conquered by Britain and has guarded its independence. Will things change now?
The church continues to grow apace and there are Nepali Christians in many European countries and the Middle East. They witness wherever they go and plant churches,
A Nepali woman I met a few years ago in Oxford, up from Brighton for the baptism of a dozen Nepalis including the one Nepali family living in Faringdon, said to me: “you brought the Gospel to our country and now we are bringing it home, to your country”. The persecution of Christian Nepalis in Nepal has risen dramatically over the last few months- up to 10 churches burnt down, individuals arrested and jailed, one Pastor for 10 years on trumped-up charges, and individuals accused of smashing Hindu idols. This is happening across Nepal.
INF has been training Nepalis over the years and now many are doing work in medicine, nursing, teaching, encouraging villagers to grow crops, and encouraging the women to learn new ways and building up their confidence. Visa have been difficult to obtain for expats over the last few years – it is wonderful that there are so many Nepalis ready to take over.

We hope to have a Curry Evening, to include two short videos, sometime in the future – details will be in the weekly notice sheet and the magazine.

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