Mission of the Month for June – CMS

News from the Church Mission Society

Lynn Treneary is our new CMS Mission Partner and she will be speaking at the 10.30am service in All Saints’ on Sunday 5th June. She is probably going to South Sudan later in June so this will be our last chance to meet her before she leaves. We want to assure her of our support for her by our prayers and our promise to take an interest in all her work over the next two years before she has a home leave. Lynn will keep in contact with us and her letters will be posted on the CMS board outside the Barber Rooms.

Lynn writes:

New life in a new nation

In a small pocket of South Sudan, near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, lies a town called Maridi. It’s where the Chaima Christian Institute Maridi (CCIM) is, the training college for the Diocese of Maridi, offering courses in theology, social work, business administration and agriculture as well as vocational training skills, placing a particular priority on training young people and women. At such a critical time of South Sudan’s life, education and training is fundamental and CCIM is breathing new life into the nation.

I am very excited to go back to teach English at CCIM, a critical skill for all those looking to improve their situations. I will also be heavily involved in local church life.
I previously served in Maridi between 2013-2015, teaching English with the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan (ECSS&S) at CCIM. During 2015, I also worked closely with the Mothers’ Union (MU) and with the Social Work and Development Department of the diocese. Western Equatoria State, where Maridi is, has been badly affected by the recent civil war with the central market and surrounding houses destroyed, the hospital and clinics looted and many people losing loved ones. During the insecurity, thousands of families ran to the bush to hide where they suffered from hunger and diseases such as malaria and typhoid.
I was part of the Maridi diocese leadership team who helped with relief efforts and spiritual care. I also liaised with Médecins Sans Frontières and helped direct them to the places where they were needed.

The ECSS&S, Maridi Diocese, have an amazing leadership team and I am blessed to be called a member of the team. The evangelists are faithful and active. They are responding to the crisis by delivering praise and worship events, visiting and praying in places of spiritual darkness and in the main parts of the town such as the police and government offices. It is pure joy to work with them. The Mothers’ Union is 5,000 strong! They tend to the many needs: sharing the gospel, praying for healing, generously giving food and other items to help the needy, and visiting patients and prisoners. They look after pastors and families and churches, and are invaluable, and it is an honour and pleasure to work with them.

My most heartfelt prayer of thanks is for those who are praying for me and Maridi, Western Equatoria and the whole of South Sudan. None of this is possible without God and without you.

Love Lynn

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