Mission of the Month for March – Faringdon Family Centre

Faringdon Family Centre is run under the auspices of CTiF with a committee made up of members of all the churches including Mairead Boyce, Maureen Courtney, Val Jones, Mary Valente, Jill Heady & Jeni Summerfield.
It is responsible for running a Breakfast Club at the Junior School with a paid leader, a member of the School’s Support staff and a number of volunteers.
It also operates the local Food Bank, with the support of church volunteers.
The Family Centre should not be confused with the Children’s Centre that used to operate in the Baptist Church until local authority funding was withdrawn in 2017. Work is underway to set up a new Children’s Centre project with assistance from Spurgeons, who were instrumental in the formation of the original centre. This initiative is supported by the Town Council, CTiF and the Pump House Project. We hope to have news of progress in the near future.
For more information about the Family Centre contact Jeni Summerfield (240 912)