Mission of the Month for November -Tearfund

November is the month we support Tearfund, a charity unstinting in its efforts to help and support the people less fortunate than us. In Nepal, with clean water, in Burundi feeding the hungry, water and sanitation in the Democratic Republic of Congo – these are just some of the projects supported together with Tearfund’s partners.

A wonderful story of Wara, a mother who survived Ebola, she was actually taken away, very very ill, eventually pronounced dead, wrapped in a body bag and as she was put into the earth, she sneezed. The priest who was praying as she was lowered, along with the crowd were shocked to hear a noise coming from within the body bag. Wara tells her story “Lady Lazarus” in the autumn Tear Times available on the Mission Table in Church.

Please do take time to stop by the Mission Table and pick up a prayer leaflet for the month of November.

For more information about Tearfund, contact Audrey Jeffries