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Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me, so I send you” (John 20:21) What does this mean? One answer is that we are sent together as a church. Together the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit send us, and they send us together. We may be praying at home, but we are not really alone, we are part of the church, praying daily for Lynn, our Mission Partner.

Lynn sent an e-mail at the end of March, saying, “I thank God for your love and prayers. They encourage me to keep rejoicing that God has won the victory. I have so much joy in sharing what you send and do tell people how supportive they are in the UK”

Thank you to all those who supported the board game afternoon on 7th April and a big thanks to those who organised the event. We have been able to send £330 to Lynn’s UK bank account. She is spending a little time in Kampala, Uganda when she hopes to be able to get this money to use in Maridi to help those in need.

Lynn has not been very well, after two bouts of malaria and was very run-down. We have just heard that she has had a Vitamin B12 deficiency, which plays havoc with concentration and memory. Following medical treatment she now feels well enough to return to Maridi.

One suggestion to her for spending this money we sent, is to help the Maridi Mothers’ Union, which is very active, to help to get treatment for children with ‘nodding syndrome’

You can read about this on Google but these are some of details about it. It attacks children between 5 and 16 who live in rural areas of Northern Uganda and South Sudan. These are children who should be running around playing, but they are seen just sitting in groups in their village on the ground.

Their bodies and brains stop growing, they have repeated epileptic seizures which weaken muscles in the head and neck, so that their head tends to fall forward, hence the term, nodding syndrome.

It seems that serious research for a cure only started in the 1960s. They now know that the disease is caused by a parasitic worm that also is linked with the disease river blindness. So far there is no cure, but if caught very early there are drugs which help to slow down the disease or in some cases to kill the parasite. Research is ongoing to find a cure.

Other CMS News

Meanwhile, there are still people offering to go with CMS to other countries of the world to take the message of God’s saving love. A few are offering to serve in the Lebanon, working with Syrian refugees. Do pray for these and others who are not able to be named as they serve in dangerous places. One couple writes, “It is exciting to be embarking on this adventure but it is different to any previous adventure we have done. We have gone travelling before but we have always known we are coming back soon. We have known that it might go wrong and we might not enjoy it, but it has a limited duration. But this time the uncertainty is similar, but the length of time is so long there is no visible exit.”

On Sunday 10th June, Jonathan Self is coming from CMS in Oxford, to preach at the 10.30am service in All Saints’. He will be able to tell us how CMS sees the future and about their current plans. There will be a Bring & Share lunch after the service, with the opportunity to talk with Jonathan and hear more about the work of CMS. Do mark the date and try to come to the service and the lunch.

Meanwhile can I draw your attention to the leaflets and prayer booklet on the table in Church. We can arrange for you to receive a copy of the CMS weekly prayer paper and there is always a welcome for those who can meet to pray on the 3rd Wednesday in each month at 8 Coach Lane, from 10.30 to 11.30am.

The Barber Rooms notice boards are kept up to date with news of Lynn Treneary, our Mission Partner. Do read it on the way to coffee!

Joan Plumptre