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This month we have the quarterly newspaper, THE CALL on the bench in All Saints’. We ask you to take one and read it to see what CMS is doing in the world. We can replenish the copies so don’t worry if you take the last one!

If you regularly check the CMS board by the Barber Rooms you will know that Lynn Treneary, our Mission Partner, had two weeks in Kampala, Uganda, then returned to Maridi on 6th September. She needed the break, but also it was the only place she could get money from the bank as there are none open now in South Sudan.

As I write, Maridi is tense but the fighting has stopped. This is not true for other parts of South Sudan. In Yei, the theological college has had to close due to the continued fighting. The students fear for their families and so stay together in case they have to flee to the bush and hide. One student contacted a friend who was returning to Yei and said, please bring back salt and soap, there is none here. In Maridi too, basic needs are not available. There is no electricity and even if you have solar panels, when they break, no one can mend them. There is no fuel for cars and the water company has closed down. We need to pray for Lynn and the local people who struggle to just exist, that they may know that whatever happens, God is there with them and is able to give them peace.

We need also to pray for the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). They are the only means of transport in and out of South Sudan. The fighters are stopping anyone from travelling in and out of South Sudan and taking their money and goods. It has been dangerous for the MAF pilots to fly as airstrips are often watched by those who are fighting. But these men or women have given their lives to God and are risking their lives to fly to help the people trapped in these places. At the moment MAF are short of pilots to fly from Kampala in Uganda to Maridi in South Sudan. Pray too for the engineers and back up staff who keep the plane flying safely.

One outcome from the troubles in both Sudan and South Sudan has been to growth of the church in Gambella, a new large town just over the border into Ethiopia. Refugees, fleeing from the two Sudans, have settled in Gambella, 300,000 extra since December 2013, doubling the population. These refugees have shared their faith in Jesus with those around them and the 53 Anglican churches in 2012 are now 90 churches. Recently they have built a college to train the pastors. The local Christians said that they know how to tell others about Jesus and they know how to plant new churches, but their pastors have had little training. A young couple have now been sent from CMS to help with the training and teaching at the new college. Pray for them as they care for this huge number of people

This is just a snapshot of what is happening in one part of the world. If you go to the CMS (Church Mission Society) website , you can learn much more of what is happening in the world and how God is working and the Gospel of hope is spreading. We will update the notice board when we can, but there will be no more news from Lynn so long as she has no way of communicating. Only when CMS hears from MAF or other sources will we know more. Meanwhile, we know that our loving God is with them and will answer our prayers for them.

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