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News from the Church Mission Society

Lynn Treneary was able to send a little news when she attended a Mission Partners’ gathering in Uganda in October. She used the two weeks there to get solar panels for her house in the hope that they would give her electricity at night. She also stocked up with books for the students and foodstuffs that are not available in Maridi. She sent her thanks and love to All Saints’ while there and she is now back home in Maridi with no internet connection.

We continue to send e-mails to Lynn in the hope that occasionally she will be somewhere where she can read them. We have sent her a copy of Jeff Lucas’ book, which is reviewed here, for Christmas and will send two Christmas cards from our church. Any new messages Lynn is able to send us will be on the notice board; do read this on your way to and from coffee!

Wycliffe Bible Society wrote in mid November, “Several of our members working overseas have written to us requesting prayer for more financial support….Many understand the emotional toll of having to tighten your belt and when you are living in an already stressful situation it can bring you to tipping point”.  This is also true for CMS and other Mission Partners. The fall in the value of the pound compared to other currencies has hit hard. Also, as people are living longer after retiring, keeping up with pensions is proving difficult and donations are going down as churches support more different charities. Lynn Treneary made a point when she visited us, of saying that she would never ask for money. She would accept whatever was sent and she trusted God to provide.

But we are His hands to dispense His Blessings. Can we all think if we should send some extra to Lynn to enable her to buy food for herself and those who work with her, to buy food for the children around who cannot afford to buy sugar, salt, bread and other basic things? Maridi is just now, peaceful, and they are able to grow a few crops, but elsewhere in the South Sudan towns, both sides of Maridi, where there is fighting, families are unable to get to their fields to grow anything, so food is scarce or very, very expensive.

Can we commit ourselves to pray daily for the fighting to stop and the tribes to be reconciled? The churches in South Sudan are working hard to bring peace, let us pray with and for them.  Also, CMS headquarters in Oxford asks for our prayers. They moved all their staff into half of their building to be able to rent the other half out as some churches are unable to keep up their donations. So far they have not been able to find someone to rent the other half. Please pray as they are struggling to pay pensions and provide extra funds for Mission Partners.
For more information about CMS contact: Joan Plumptre (243 388 or bobjoanplumptre@btinternet.com)