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As I write this article for June, the month when we remember the Church Mission Society and the work it does throughout the world, we are in the nine days in May when we are praying in all the churches, “Thy Kingdom Come”

As we read the daily papers, full of terrible stories, we know how important it is that we all pray this prayer.

In South Sudan it is reported that 100 aid workers have been killed since the war began in 2013. These are local people who are willing to risk their lives to go to help the sick, the hungry, the homeless, every day.

Lynn Treneary was able to go to Juba, along with others from Maridi, to the enthronement of Archbishop Justin Badi, a joyful occasion, but on the way back to Maridi the new Bishop of Maridi’s car was attacked and those passengers were robbed. They gave thanks to God that no one was killed or injured, but it was a reminder that the roads are just not safe, whoever you are.

Lynn herself has not been well. She had two bouts of malaria, and though she recovered after treatment in Kampala, Uganda, she was still not fully fit. It was decided that she needed further treatment in the UK and she flew back in mid May. Please join us in praying for her full recovery.

CMS works in many countries worldwide and we are pleased that Jonathan Self, from CMS Headquarters in Oxford, is coming to speak at the 10.30am service in All Saints’ on Sunday 10th June. Keep this date, it is going to be an exciting visit. Earlier this year Jonathan was able to represent CMS at a Mission Conference in Tunisia. and on 10th he is going to tell us the amazing story of Muslims in North Africa turning to follow Jesus. This is not due to the expertise of mission workers, the local church has told the stories from the Bible between the Crucifixion and Pentecost and God has done the rest!

There is not time in the service to expand much, but there will be a Bring-&-Share lunch after the service and Jonathan will be there to chat and to show a short film .Do stay for this, I think we will all be inspired. Water/squash/coffee will be supplied, just bring something that we can all share.

Jonathan will also tell us more about CMS support for local Christian leaders in their own countries, whose community are too poor to support them. CMS has support for UK mission partners from UK churches and individuals, but there is no special fund for these local leaders. We will be having a retiring collection at the service and also at the lunch for the local Christian leaders. There will be leaflets about these people to take away and other CMS leaflets. This day is your chance to learn more about the world wide work that CMS is doing, and seeing how your giving and your prayers are making a difference.

We were reminded last month that Jesus said, “As the Father sent me, so I send you”. We may not go ourselves, but we can pray for Lynn who goes with our prayer support. We may not know any Christians in another country, but we can pray “Thy Kingdom Come” in the confidence that Jesus said “Ask, and it will be given you”

So please come to the service and lunch on 10th June and if you are able, we would love more to come and pray for CMS once a month on the third Wednesday at 10.30am at 8 Coach Lane.

Joan Plumptre