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News from the Church Mission Society

As we start the holiday months of July and August, we can give thanks for a good June when we thought about the work of the Church Mission Society.

Lynn Treneary had come back to the UK for medical treatment in May, after 2 bouts of Malaria which had left her rather weak. Sadly, as we move into July she is still here. She is staying with members of her family in the north, while she has visits to the Doctors and the Tropical Medicine experts, but so far we have not heard of a positive diagnosis. It may be that it is just rest and a better diet than she has in Maridi. We ask all of you to pray for Lynn, that she soon regains her strength and is able to return to South Sudan. They are missing her so much there, not only for her teaching work, but for herself as she encourages them in the Faith and shows them that if you put your trust solely in Jesus, you will not be let down.

Our main event in June was the visit of Jonathan Self on 10th June to preach at the 10.30am service in All Saints’, and to talk at the lunch after the service. Jonathan told us of his visit to Tunisia and the amazing things God was doing there. Many of the locals had become followers of the Muslim Faith when other countries had invaded them from Europe. Now, apart from the work in the Christian Churches, they were dreaming dreams about Jesus and becoming followers of Him. God is working in an amazing way.

One result of this visit for Jonathan, was that he felt that God was telling him to change the sermon he was going to preach at All Saints’. and to talk about Prayer. He gave a powerful talk on how we should learn to listen to God. So often we rush about trying to do what we think is right, not listening to God’s voice. As in Tunisia, God was saying, I will do the teaching in dreams, your work is to gather them into the Christian family.

Jonathan challenged us to listen to God speaking to us, then pray daily for a month about what we felt God was saying to us. At the end of the month, look at the outcome and see what God has done.

We had a retiring collection at the service and lunch  to raise money to help fund “Global Mission through Local Leaders” More and more of the mission work abroad is being done by local Christian leaders. Mission Partners sent out from the UK go to encourage, give Bible teaching and assist these local leaders. By God’s grace, both the harvest and the workers are plentiful in many of these places, but a significant obstacle remains, lack of funding! Many of the new churches are in very poor areas where the people are unable to support a leader. In these cases , CMS is raising special funds for these leaders to free them to do the work. It is this fund to which we have sent what money we raised. On the day we raised £500 and this will be increased by some of the gifts being Gift Aided.

Thanks you to all who gave so generously and also to all who helped to make the day a success. We have had a thank you letter from Jonathan Self, who said how much he appreciated the welcome he received and he would love to come again to Faringdon.

Meanwhile, please pray these next two months for the many people from CMS who will be working on stalls at the various  summer festivals, Greenbelt, New Wine, the Big Church Day Out for North and South. Also pray for the many who attended the Pioneer Church Day at the end of June to explore whether God is calling them to this work

Whatever the world looks like, there are so many signs of God working His purposes out We must continue to pray every day and listen to God to tell us what is our mission for that day.

Many said how much they enjoyed Jonathan Self’s talk. Would you pray to see if God is calling you to give a morning once a month, to pray for the work of CMS. At the moment we meet on the 3rd Wednesday in the month, but we are open to change. We are praying for younger people who will carry on the work for CMS in All Saints’, when those of us who meet now can no longer cope. Please pray to see if God is calling you.

For more information about CMS contact: Joan Plumptre

News from the Wisbeys

The sun is shining and the rain is falling, summer must be arriving! We hope this update finds you well. In our last newsletter we spoke about being open to God guiding our steps in unexpected ways, quoting the verse: We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. (Proverbs 16:9) This seems very apt as we look back on the last few months as unbeknownst to us at the time, a big change was coming.

On Easter Saturday a very significant member of our church leadership team died suddenly. Phil had been diagnosed with three aggressive cancers only a few days before and though he had been unwell for a few months this obviously came as a big shock to the whole church family. While we have only been part of the church for four years, through that time we have enjoyed and appreciated getting to know Phil and his wife Julie, particularly since joining the leadership team of the church this time last year.

That role now feels even more important to us as we seek to help guide the church through a time of grief and transition. Please pray God gives us wisdom and strengthens us by His Spirit for all He is calling us to do.

In other news, Matt has been keeping busy teaching two courses–Language Program Planning and Implementation and Multilingual Education–and preparing for a trip to Florida (this week!) for team meetings as part of his role in Asia.

At home, Levi only has a half term left in Year 1 and Anya started playgroup after February half term! She is enjoying it a lot (though is not always sure about leaving Mummy in the morning!) and in September will move up to the preschool room and increase to two and a half days per week. I (Liz) am already beginning to think about how I can use this time best – exciting times are certainly ahead!

As ever we LOVE to hear your news. What unexpected changes have happened in your lives since we last wrote? Do you have any fun summer holiday plans? Will you be travelling down the M5 past Gloucester? Hit reply now and do drop in and say hi if you can!

Love Matt, Liz, Levi and Anne

For more information on the Wisbeys visit http://wisbeys.blogspot.com/