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News from The Children’s Society, NSPCC and CMS

Thank you on behalf of The Children’s Society

The Annual Box Opening which took place during November resulted in the sum of £444.50 being collected from Boxholders. A very big Thank You to all Boxholders for your generosity and for the continued support which you give to The Children’s Society. This sum has been forwarded to The Society and will assist them in continuing their work with the many vulnerable children and young people in this country who need help.

If others would like to have a House Collection Box please contact me on 242 355 and I will get one to you.

Hazel Catling

Thank you on behalf of NSPCC

The Faringdon Branch would like to thank everyone for the wonderful toys donated to the NSPCC for distribution in the Swindon area.

Also we would like to thank everyone who attended our Carol Concert which raised the amazing sum of £845. The committee value our link with the Church as our group was originally started in 1956 by the then Vicar of Faringdon, Revd Clive Davey, and we really appreciate the support that we still receive.

Brenda Barber

News from the Church Mission Society

This magazine marks the beginning of a new year, 2017. Can we make a New Year resolution to look at the Barber Rooms notice board and to read the CMS items, perhaps before we rush for a coffee! We try to update them every week to give you new items for your prayers.

After a silence of 3 months, we have at last received an e-mail from Lynn Treneary. Sadly, for the wrong reason, as Lynn had become very ill suffering repeated attacks of malaria and stomach problems and the principal of the college where she works decided she should go to Uganda for better medical treatment. The good news is that the doctor in Kampala diagnosed a blood parasite and was able to get medicine to cure it. However, Lynn had lost a lot of weight and will have to stay in Kampala until she is strong again and her blood is back to the correct levels. Lynn is just longing to get back to her work and friends in Maridi, and many are praying for her.

The situation in South Sudan is better in parts. The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission launched a peace and healing conference in Juba, including religious leaders, traditional leaders, and government officials. In Yei state the Governor has also assembled a team of religious and community leaders to negotiate with the armed groups and has pulled together a force of police, fire brigade and the wildlife unit to patrol the streets. These efforts resulted in a fairly quiet Christmas and New Year. Maridi has remained peaceful throughout ,but the latest news reports fighting in Yei and Yambio.

The problem of hunger and starvation remains. The fighting has meant that crops were not planted and imported food is much more expensive and sometimes difficult to get. As a result of this, salaries are low and many government salaries have not been paid for months. It is estimated that 3.6 million are ‘severely food insecure’, (i.e. starving) Rebel fighters are preventing food aid from getting in to the country. Pray for the people, especially for those unable to feed their children.

Elsewhere in this magazine you will see that we are having a fun event for all the family to raise some money which will be sent to Lynn for her to use to help friends in Maridi who are suffering. Some of her other Link churches have already done this and she was able to provide meals for the small school children. Do please support this event generously. There will be a stall selling crafts from CMS that are at rock bottom prices as CMS are closing their shop at the Oxford offices.

Pray for peace to come to South Sudan and for the people to be reconciled together. Pray too for Lynn to be restored to full health so that she can return to Maridi.

Joan Plumptre