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News from the Church Mission Society

You will remember that in the July magazine we reported that our Mission Partner had flown back to UK from Maridi as she was not well. Lynn had suffered two bouts of Malaria and also had muscle wastage and stomach problems. Those who have met Lynn know that she is not one to sit down and suffer, no, she has been busy getting tests, scans, follow up etc. But we all know how these take time, however we try to speed them up. Her latest letter, written on 13th August, says that she has still not been passed fully fit, so it will probably be into September before she is able to return to Maridi.

How thankful we all are, that after Lynn’s last visit back to UK, she was able to install the internet connection, so she has been able to keep in close touch with her friends in Maridi. You can read Lynn’s last letter, (August) on the board outside the Barber Rooms. Do pause to read it and pray for her to be completely cured, to be able to return to Maridi, and to be able to have a better diet so that she does not fall ill again.

Meanwhile, the situation in South Sudan seems better., and we must pray constantly that this time peace will prevail. We continue to keep up to date news on the notice board, so up date your prayers each week. I am sure that when we pray regularly, God answers.

CMS staff have been very busy during the summer, with stalls at most of the large Christian gatherings all over the country. It has been very encouraging to see many folk coming forward as they feel that God is calling them to work abroad.  CMS takes care to discuss their call with them, so that together they may be sure, especially as some feel called to work in countries who are not keen to welcome Christians

Christians, worldwide, have been praying, “Thy Kingdom Come”  and despite what the newspapers print, we do see the Love and Forgiveness of Jesus is being believed and accepted across the world.

Those in the UK who feel called to difficult places like the Middle East, parts of Asia and North Africa, go out to encourage and help the local Christians and to worship with them. Their names are not known as it is dangerous and in the weekly prayer paper they are mentioned as R or S, and in some very dangerous places they can only be mentioned with no name, no place of work no country.  These workers need our faithful prayers, and we can rejoice with them when they report that Christians are encouraged to keep going and many people are believing, and accepting, the love of Jesus. The CMS is supporting well over 100 Mission Partners and Mission Associates in 49 countries and around 200 Pioneers in this country.

It is very easy to get discouraged when there is so much in the papers about the failure of Christians and the Church in this part of the world, but we must believe that God’s Kingdom IS coming and pray for that. Make sure that you always pause to read what the various charities are doing as you rush off to coffee after the service. Ask regularly for the magazines that tell you what is happening in the World Church. Constantly read your Bible and the parts that speak of God working across the world. And PRAY. Jesus, when he was on the earth, constantly called his followers to Pray Without Ceasing. Most of us will not be called to go other countries, but our task is to PRAY, not just in church on a Sunday, but at home when washing up or eating a mango from Africa, or eating a curry or booking an exciting holiday abroad! And then, when you read in a Christian magazine of the Church growing in some country, you will feel Jesus saying to you, Well done my good and faithful servant. And what would be more wonderful than to hear that.

A reminder that from September our prayer group will meet on every 3rd Wednesday in the month from 10.30 to 11.30am with coffee at 10.00am. You will be welcome and come when you can. Let me know if you would like to receive the weekly CMS prayer paper. If you need a lift to the meeting, let me know or if you are unable to get out easily but would like to join us from your home, I can tell you what we will be praying for before the day. It would be wonderful to feel that we had a powerhouse of prayer going out to support the work of CMS each month.

Joan Plumtre