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News About The Children’s Society and The Church Mission Society

News about the Children’s Society

The Annual Box Opening which took place during November realised the sum of £419.15 being collected from Boxholders. This has been forwarded to The Children’s Society. Very many thanks to all Boxholders for your continued generosity and the support you give to the Society which enables it to provide vital help to disadvantaged children and young in this country.

The total amount from the Envelopes and the Collection at the Christingle Service in January was £352.00. This, together with the Boxholders donations, gives a total of £771.15 which has been passed to the Society to assist in its essential work with children. Many thanks to you all for so generously continuing to support this UK Charity.

I am relinquishing the post of Co-ordinator for The Children’s Society. A very kind offer to take on this responsibility has been made and this will take place immediately. The Box Opening for 2018 will take place as usual in November when Mr John Seedell will be pleased to receive your Boxes. John’s very kind offer to represent the Society is greatly appreciated. He can be contacted on 242 440.

Hazel Catling

News about the Church Mission Society

Good News! At last, Lynn Treneary, our Mission Partner with CMS, has internet connection. At last, we can send and receive e-mails. It is not all perfect, three months after Lynn returned to Maridi, she has made a quick trip to Kampala, Uganda, to get more solar battery power, and also, as roads are closed and supplies are short, to buy tyres for her car and households needs. She has had to use the MAF plane to get there and back, as the roads are dangerous.
The latest prayer paper from CMS reports that on 21st December, a cessation of hostilities agreement was signed by government and rebel forces. This was the eighth agreement in three years, but sadly, there have been as many violations of it since then as the previous ceasefires. Please continue to pray for an end to violence and fighting and a recovery of the rule of law. Please also pray for the 209,011 people still displaced from their homes and living in camps in Juba, Bentiu, Malakal, Bor and Wau. (see the Barber rooms board for the map.)
Lynn wrote a Link Letter for the church before Christmas and we have received a copy from CMS in the new year. In spite of the troubles she faces daily she writes of many good things that are taking place there.
Just before Christmas Lynn had some experience in organising college exams. She says she was glad when the college decided they must look for an expert to do the job! The college is doing well and they hope to open as a campus for the Episcopal University next year.
The Diocese is much the same as when Lynn left it. It is still without electricity or open roads and the water stop/start. However, everyone keeps going and retains hope for a better future.
Positive news is that a team from Kenya and Uganda from Action Africa Help are in Maridi to help improve the health system. There is a long way to go, there are no mosquito nets at the hospital etc, but there are medicines for malaria, typhoid, dysentery, and pneumonia all of which talk too many lives. The team is also helping with the biggest health crisis of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B, both of which are spreading fast. There is also a team helping to deal with Nodding Syndrome.
The youth are also doing really well, with over 2000 singing, dancing, and praying in the diocese. The Bishop has recently returned from Ireland with some new electronic equipment. Lynn says they hope to put on an evangelistic concert in six months
The Mothers Union is doing well. They have managed to rebuild a small meeting room that had burned down a couple of years ago. They have also raised funds for the widows and orphans group school fees for next year. This will be a great relief. Much of this money has come from donations and they are looking for schools in UK and elsewhere who might like to twin with the local schools in Maridi.
The cathedral and the staff houses are also in a bad state of repair and need help. It is not easy to get donations for buildings , and, in All Saints’ we know the difference good buildings make as we use the Barber Rooms.
Other good news. Lynn reports that the evangelistic team (see photo) spent a week touring the town including seven markets, the army barracks, the police recruitment centre and the state legislative HQ. Many people came to the Lord and/or renewed their faith. God is so great!
Lynn finishes her letter with grateful thanks to God and the way he has blessed them. The situation is grim, people are traumatised through being held captive by rebels or having their family members killed, but they know that God still loves them. The letter is humbling, in the midst of their troubles, they are not sitting back in despair, they are out there working to make lives better, and God is loving them and blessing them.
The full Link Letter will be pinned on the notice board by the Barber rooms. Do read it and all the other information that is renewed each week. The CMS sends out a weekly prayer paper and we put any information on South Sudan on the board. If you too would like to keep up with information on CMS by using the prayer paper, talk to Joan Plumptre – or join us on the 3rd Wednesday every month at 10.30-11.30am to pray for Lynn and CMS. When people pray, God always answers and sends his blessings.

For more information about CMS contact: Joan Plumptre (243 388)