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News about the Church Mission Society

We have very little to write about Maridi that is new this month. Ceasefires have been signed and then broken yet again. Maridi is still without electricity and regular clean water, the roads are still dangerous. Lynn, our Mission Partner has had an attack of malaria, has recovered , but is not in the best of health. (most expats in  Africa, no longer take malaria tablets as long term it can produce blindness. There are good medicines which cure the infrequent attacks quickly).

The one piece of good news is that the Bishop of Maridi, Bishop Justin, has been elected to become the new Archbishop of South Sudan, (Primate of the Episcopal Church). There has been great rejoicing, though it does mean that a new Bishop of Maridi has to be found. Bishop Justin said of the close election victory that it showed that tribal differences between Dinkas and Equitorians played no part. The church is showing that the tribes can work together without fighting.

March is the month of Lent this year, and CMS is concentrating on Mission. Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness, where he accepted his calling. He emerged from this time of testing to proclaim that the kingdom of  God is at hand, and that we Christians have a part to play. So we too, are called to use the time of Lent to reflect on what God is calling us to do.

What is God calling you to do?  Some will feel God is calling them be become members of CMS as an organisation.  They make the following affirmation:-

“I’m a member of the CMS mission community because I believe God is still working in our world and I want to be part of this. I want my life to be about mission and I know that mission isn’t about someone else’s job- it’s mine. I want to live for Jesus daily and I realise I need fuel for this journey. As a member of the CMS mission community I desire to help my local Christian community keep mission a priority. I also wish to join other CMS members in regularly renewing my mind and spirit and my commitment to mission.”

We could make a similar affirmation to our church mission here in Faringdon. Did you know that CMS has provided pioneer mission training for more than 200 people who are putting their call to mission in this country?  This is an ongoing course and draws interest of over a hundred each year. Examples of their work are: Nigel, working to build relationships in Bradford between migrants and those of other faiths; Michael, working among Syrian refugees and other migrants in Ipswich; Chris and Anna in Hull, helping to run a breakfast club, a mission house, a community garden and a sewing collective; Ruth in Plymouth running a work club to help unemployed people to find jobs; andLuke pioneering a church for ragamuffins’ for people on the edge of society. Some of these people have full time jobs and some are retired and feel called to help others in this way. All, by God’s grace, want to help to grow communities of Christians who act like Jesus with one another and within their neighbourhoods

CMS has called all Members to practice five minutes of silence in each day of Lent. Listen to God to discern his call to you. At the end of the day, look back, you may well notice unexpected ways in which you encountered God’s call for you during the day. We are not all called to be CMS members, but we are all called to Mission.

As we go through Lent to Easter Day, let us all pray for Lynn Treneary and the South Sudan, that the fighting and hatred will stop and that all can celebrate the victory of Jesus.

In Africa, Easter is the most important of the Church festivals. Christians dress in their best, often new clothes, children will often gather palms and go around their area singing Easter carols at dawn. There is feasting together, often after a long church service with singing and dancing. This is their God in whom they trust and they worship together with energy and joy.

With thanks to Peter Foot for extra information.

For more information about CMS contact Joan Plumptre (243 388).

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