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News about the Church Mission Society

Internet connection with Lynn Treneary in Maridi is a bit hit and miss at the moment, – very good when it works, frustrating when it doesn’t ! But we do get news of Lynn and the South Sudan via the CMS weekly prayer paper and MAF prayer papers, as well as Lynn’s e-mail.

Last year we reported on the launch of the New Testament in the language of the BAKA people and how thousands risked the dangerous roads to get to Maridi to receive it. From MAF we have recently heard some of the results.

Pastor Bennett Marona, the translation project manager said “God is not a foreigner any more. Jesus is one of us. He can talk our dialect”. Mama Eunice, a women’s leader in the Maridi church, said, “I was so happy as I held my own Baka Bible, I felt the Holy Spirit blow over me, finally now, I am able to read and understand God’s word in my own language.”

Phodunze Martin, one of the translation team said, “Before I joined the team, I was a Christian, but not to the extent that I am now. Now I know I have salvation in Christ. Now I follow Christ, now I live the life Christ wants for me. I can now encourage others with the word of God.”

It makes you think, doesn’t it. Does the Bible, the word of God mean that much to us? I once asked a keen member of one of my previous churches about the whereabouts of her Bible, and she answered, “Yes, it’s in the bookcase!” Reading these stories from the Maridi church members, I think, what a wonderful church it must be.

Lynn has sent some requests for prayer. Their own much loved Bishop Justin, is moving to Juba in July, where he will be installed as the new Archbishop. They are all very pleased for this, though they will miss him. A new Bishop has to be chosen for Maridi. At the same time the name of the college, where Lynn teaches English, is to change from Chaima Christian Institute to The Episcopal University, Chaima Campus. The college will need more qualified staff and they are praying that some refugees will be encouraged to return from the camps in other countries to which they fled.

They are also praying for more qualified teachers to return from exile. Haddow Secondary and Primary Schools and the Chaima Secondary school have many students longing for teaching but no one to teach them. It is not an easy choice to make, to bring your family back home to a country that still often flares up with hatred. Please pray for those who feel called by God to return.

Meanwhile the Mothers Union goes on at full strength. In late February they had a conference to discuss ‘how to avoid abject poverty’ and ‘how to mentor girls in the church’. The ladies of the Mothers Union work so hard, do pray for them.

The situation in South Sudan is still not stable, despite the work of many from outside. Do pray for them all at Easter, that they may know the peace that only God can give.

Below, you will find the details of the games afternoon we are holding on Saturday 7thApril . Do try and support this as we raise some extra funds for Lynn to support the returning teachers from the refugee camps and the work of the Mothers Union.

Later, on Sunday 10th June Jonathan Self, a member of staff at CMS headquarters, will be preaching at the 10.30am service at All Saints’. We will have a bring & share lunch after the service, when Jonathan can show a short film and/or chat about the work of CMS around the world. I hope he will also talk about the Pioneer work in this country, where CMS members are trained to reach out to those who have no contact with a church, but are looking for something missing in their life. Book that Sunday and stay for the lunch

We still welcome anyone who is able to pray with our small group that meets on the 3rd Wednesday in the month from 10.30 to 11.30am. at 8 Coach Lane.

For more information about CMS contact: Joan Plumptre (243 388)

CMS FUNdraiser!

Afternoon of Tea, Cakes,

Board Games and Fun

Saturday 7th April, 3.00-5.00pm

Barber Rooms

In aid of Lynn Treneary (CMS Link Missionary)

Entrance Free Donations welcome