Missions News – September

Our CMS Link Partners in Eldoret, Kenya  David & Liza Cooke

When you work with marginalised people your heart is touched on a daily basis yet for sanity’s sake you have to choose to do only what you know is possible. Then sometimes somebody gets under your skin to such an extent that you know you must go that proverbial extra mile.

When the team came from the UK for the wheelchair distribution there were two clients who greatly touched their hearts and they went back home wanting to know more about them and to help them if they could.

They asked us to go out into the community and find the elderly man and the young boy. Easier said than done as both clients were not previously known to us. But nothing ventured, nothing gained so we approached our good friend Tarno who had acted as an interpreter for us during the distribution and got him to do some detective work.

Then early one morning we set off deep into the heart of Nandi county to a place called Selia. We called at the Chief’s office as a matter of courtesy and we were so glad that we did.

Chief Sitienei is a remarkable man. He knows his area well and he really cares about his people. He gave us a drink and whilst we sipped our sodas he efficiently mobilised the local community. We then drove up hill and down dale as he took us to visit the people he had identified. We ended up seeing eleven clients in total, one of whom was the boy we had been asked by the team from the UK to search for in the villages.

His smile was as beautiful as ever. His wheelchair continues to delight him. His mother cares for him and his six siblings on her own and life is challenging for the family.

We look forward to bringing him to Eldoret to see a doctor and to giving him and his mother a clear diagnosis about his condition and a plan for his future care.

David and Liza are returning to the UK in the autumn for a short holiday.  Their youngest daughter is getting married and other members of the family who work abroad will be there for the wedding. It is some years since all their children and their families have been together, so they are making it a family time and will not be able to visit their Link Churches.

Do use the Barber Rooms notice board for more information from CMS about their work. This month read of a soldier in the Ukraine whose life was saved by the New Testament, the hundreds who watched Alpha films at the World Cup in Brazil, the girl who was bullied at school and ran away and the Mission Partners who hunted for her until they found her sleeping on a street in the slums. She cried when they woke her up and said that no one had ever looked for her before.

Joan Plumptre


A busy summer  Matt and Liz Wisbey

July and August usually mean holidays or a quieter period at work, here in Gloucester it’s been a busy time both at home and work. With the baby due any day now we’ve been trying to see as many friends as possible with trips to Sheffield and Thame. It’s been great to hear people’s news, see (rapidly) growing children, and enjoy time in some places that still mean a lot to us, but it’s been nice to come back from these trips to our current home. Liz and Levi have been making the most of the holidays, doing lots of activities with friends and getting as much fresh air as they can.

Matt has been trying to get as much as possible done ahead of taking a couple of weeks paternity leave. His team’s next event is taking place at the beginning of September and Matt has again been responsible for coordinating preparations. Over 50 participants from across Asia will be meeting in Bangkok to share and learn about ‘Advocating for multilingual education’ and so it should be a really exciting time. Unfortunately Matt won’t be able to be at the event despite it being a topic so close to his heart. Thankfully he has got a great team working together on this and so is confident they’ll do a great job without him! Please do pray for the team as they prepare for and then run this event and for all the participants as they travel from their places of work, learn together, and then return to communities to share and implement their learning.

Aside from looking forward to our new arrival any day now, we are also looking forward to September and a new academic year. Levi will start going to playgroup one full day and three mornings a week, and Matt will be teaching a new group of Wycliffe recruits, helping prepare them for their work with minority communities around the world. It’s always exciting to be part of the beginning of people’s journey as they get ready to serve God and communities in some of the most forgotten parts of the world. Please pray for us as we do our part to prepare them well, both technically and spiritually, and for the students as they take this significant step of faith.

Christian Aid: time for a change

Christian Aid’s work is based on the response from the prophet Micah to the question: “what does the Lord require of us? To act justly, to love kindness, to walk humbly with God. “

All Saints’ has supported the work of Christian Aid for as long as I can remember; well over twenty years. The support has tended to focus on Christian Aid Week with the special service and the House to House collection. In 2015 we raised nearly £4,500 to help some of the poorest communities in the world lift themselves out of poverty.

And the hope is that in 2016 we will improve on that total with special fundraising events and with the support and prayers of the churches in Faringdon. To do that, we need your support.

I shall be stepping down as the Christian Aid organiser for Faringdon churches in September 2015, as I think it would be good to have a fresh approach. The main role of the organiser is administrative i.e. to order materials for Christian Aid Week and coordinate the collectors and other events. It can, of course be quite a lot more than that, but the more people who are involved, the easier it is to share ideas and tasks.

If you think you would like to be involved, do please contact me. I would be happy to take you through the basics of the role.

Julia Burn

You may also find it useful to look at the Christian Aid website: