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Joan Plumptre

A Kenyan man called Enoch, who had both of his legs amputated after an accident, received a wheelchair and urgent medical treatment, thanks to generous supporters, mission partners David and Liza Cooke and partnering organisations.

In May 2015, as part of their community based rehabilitation (CBR) work, the Cookes were involved in wheelchair distribution with Wheels for the World.

They take up the story: “After the team left, we received an anonymous donation from the UK to assist two of the wheelchair recipients with hospital fees for much-needed treatment. One of these was Enoch. He’s a highly independent character but he was struggling to care for himself and had open wounds which needed urgent treatment.

“After the funds arrived we found Enoch and had to persuade him to allow us to help him. By the time we succeeded in getting him to hospital he had a life-threatening infection. However, two weeks later he was discharged fit and well.

“Enoch’s wider family, whose help he had refused, saw the timing and intervention we were able to offer (as both CBR and Wheels for the World) as a clear answer to their prayers. There is something special about working in partnership across cultures to see people’s lives transformed.”

David and Liza are again giving life changing wheelchairs this February/March to those who need help. Then, in April they will be returning to the UK, leaving behind a capable Peace Group of Christians in the Borderlands and a capable group of Kenyans to continue  delivering wheelchairs. They will still be associated with CMS from their home in UK but will no longer be our Link Mission Partner.

Please make a note in you diary for Sunday 29th May when David and Liza will be taking the 10.30am service in All Saints’, and we will be able to say goodbye over coffee and lunch.

New Link Mission Partner

As we need to find another Link Mission Partner to support, we have been in touch with CMS and have agreed to support Malcolm Pritchard. At the moment he is waiting to see where God wants to use him, but it is likely to be in Africa where he already has contacts. Once we know his placement we hope to be able to invite him to All Saints’ so that we can get to know each other. Meanwhile, please remember Malcolm in your prayers.

CMS Community Vision Day, Saturday 19th March

The Community Vision Day will be held at the CMS offices in Watlington Road, Oxford on Saturday 19th March.

This is an opportunity to spend the day with the CMS Leadership looking together at the vision for the year ahead.  The day lasts from 10.00am to 4.00pm and you can go to any part of the day or the whole day.

Bob and Joan Plumptre will be going for the whole day and can take 2 extra persons in their car. (243 388).

Details of the day can be seen on the Barber Rooms CMS noticeboard.

You need to tell CMS before 7th March that you are going.

If you have questions please phone Joan Plumptre.