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Joan Plumptre

This is the month when David and Liza Cooke will be leaving Kenya to return to the UK.  They will be flying home on 2nd April.  Do pray for them as they cope with the packing, for a safe journey, and adjustment to the next stage of their life. It is always difficult to leave a country for another.  Their minds will be on those they have left behind, will they stand firm against corruption, will they manage to continue to work for reconciliation?  Will they continue to work with the charity that sends out the wheelchairs?

Back in the UK, it will be all about UK politics and the Referendum, very few, if any, will want to be concerned about the problems of Kenya.  This is where David and Liza will value the visits to their Link Churches where they can share their burdens for their friends in Kenya and know that people are praying.

With this in mind we ask you to pray for and support the Cookes’ visit to All Saints’ on Sunday, 29th May.  It will be their farewell, a time when we will hear about how God has used their time in Kenya and they will be thanking us for our prayers and financial support.  When they first went to Kenya, our PCC, on our behalf, promised financial support and the prayer support of the members of our congregation.  David and Liza will continue their connection with Kenya but will no longer be supported by CMS, they will become a CMS Associate, still a member of CMS but self supporting and free to work from this country.  David and Liza will speak at the 10.30am service and there will be a chance to chat with them at coffee after the service and at a Bring & Share lunch afterwards in the Barber Rooms.  Put the date in your diary and let me know, if you can help.

We live in exciting times.  New technology, such as smart phones, enable people to receive the Bible in their own language, contact  other Christians,  group worship through their phones, even though the government may forbid public worship by Christians.  The number of new Christians in countries across the world is growing so fast, God is working where people are searching.  We may feel a bit dispirited in this country but the Archbishop is calling for a week of prayer for this country over Pentecost, and we can all take part in this believing that when we pray, God does answer us.

New Link Mission Partner

We now have another Mission Partner to support. She is Lynn Treneary going to South Sudan later in the year. Lynn is visiting All Saints at the 10.30 am service on 17th April and she would like to meet people at coffee after the service. She hopes to return later in the summer when she will be able to speak at a service about the work she will be doing in South Sudan. Please remember Lynn in your prayers.