Missions News July and August 2017

News from Church Mission Society and Matt, Liz, Levi & Anya Wisbey

News from the Church Mission Society

A big thank you to all who helped at the service and the lunch on Sunday 11th June, when the Revd Colin Smith came to speak about the Church Mission Society. It was a very happy day, and we were able to send a donation from the retiring collection of £336.51, of which £240 was gift aided. Many thanks also to St Mary’s for supporting CMS and their gift of £110. These have both been sent to CMS for general funds.

Colin spoke at the service and the lunch on Mission: What is Mission?; Who is called for Mission? This is the theme that CMS is concentrating on this year, and it tied in with the talk by the Bishop of Oxford when he visited  our Deanery three days before.

In Matthew 5:14 Jesus said “You are the light of the world”  and in Mark 16:15 Jesus said “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation”. Every Christian believer is called to join in God’s Mission, to bring challenge, change, hope and freedom to our world.

As a community of people in mission, CMS wants to help as many people as possible to be set free to put this call into action – whether that means going overseas or over the road. The call is for all. So the question isn’t IF we are called to mission but, WHAT DOES THIS CALL LOOK LIKE FOR ME?

To help us to think about OUR call, there are various publications from CMS on the Church table and on the board outside the Barber Rooms.

  • A booklet entitled “The Call is for…” lists the six priorities in mission and examples of those who have responded to their call.
  • A quarterly newspaper, The Call tells stories of those whom CMS is supporting in their response to God’s call.
  • A weekly prayer paper, sent by e-mail to those whose call is to pray regularly for those whom CMS supports.
  • A quarterly Prayer booklet.
  • Information about Lynn Treneary, our Mission Partner, on her work in South Sudan. At present she has no internet, but she knows that we pray regularly for her. That too is our call.

All these publications are free and we ask you to take the copies to help you in your call to support Lynn.

Date for your diary

We have the exciting news that Lynn Treneary will be visiting us on Sunday 10th September. Lynn would not usually be visiting the UK for two years, but one of her daughters is getting married in the UK and so she is making a quick visit for that. She is not able to visit all her supporting Churches but we have managed to arrange for her to visit All Saints’ for the 10.30am service.

Lynn will preach at the service and we will have a Bring-&-Share lunch afterwards. Do put the date in your diary and come to hear about her work. She has found it difficult to keep contact as she has no internet. If we write to her, she has to go around the area to other NGOs to find someone who has a working internet connection. It is just possible to use Facebook, but that has dangers with the fighting all around. She is hoping perhaps to get a satellite dish and I am hoping we may be able to help her with the money needed .

We will put on the notice board more details of her visit as we get them. Once she is in the UK she will be able to contact us easily. So keep reading the material on the notice board; it is updated most weeks, and come and give Lynn a good All Saints’ welcome.

Joan Plumptre

News from Matt, Liz, Levi & Anya Wisbey

Dear Friends and Family.

I LOVED that community of practice newcomers led sessions (at this event). This really showed the spirit of a community of practice. We all come with many things we can contribute, even the first time we join.”

This was what one of the participants at last month’s community of practice (CoP) event shared after attending the event in Bangkok. The event, for teams working with minority language communities across Asia and beyond, was on this occasion focused on how to work in ways that encourage community participation and was part of the first of two trips Matt is taking to Asia this May/June (if you’re interested you can read more about the May event here—https://storify.com/languageimpact/encouraging-community-participation).

We’ll write a longer update later in the month but we wanted to write a quick note now so that you could be praying for some of the exciting things happening over the next few weeks. We’re pleased to say that the May trip and learning event also went well from a personal perspective, with Matt’s travel going smoothly and Liz and the kids doing well at home without him. Given that Matt will be away for another couple of weeks this month this was particularly encouraging. Please join us in giving thanks to God for the event, the participants who joined and learnt together, and for provision for our family as we were apart.

On 10th June Matt is off again, this time to the Philippines to help colleagues there run their own national CoP event and then on to Cambodia to provide training for a local organisation. Both these activities are building on work Matt’s team have done over the last year and so it’s great to see that hard work come to fruition. Please be praying for the teams as they prepare for the events, pray for those who will attend – that they will learn more together and so be better able to serve communities where they work, and of course for everyone’s safety as we travel and for our families as they remain home.

Finally, it is getting increasingly difficult to send legitimate group emails without them being automatically deleted or spammed by email providers. To help us review our processes could you please take a couple of minutes to answer some questions about our current communications and how we might communicate better in the future. Just click on this link to fill in the form –https://goo.gl/forms/gdxGXxT6QeGQZy2d2

Thank you for standing with us and supporting us in this work.

With much love,

Matt, Liz, Levi and Anya