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September was a busy month as we had the pleasure of a visit from our Mission Partner, Lynn Treneary, who had returned to the UK for a few weeks to attend her daughter’s wedding. She also tried to visit most of her Link churches who support her financially, and so she came to Faringdon on Sunday 10th September.

We knew that one of her pressing needs was for internet connection to help her keep in touch with her Link churches,. Therefore Max Young and his friends, and helpers from All Saints’, put on a ‘Super Sibilant Supper‘ the week before Lynn came, in order to raise some money towards the satellite and it’s connection. Those who came will agree that we had a lovely supper, followed by an entertainment that sent us home saying, “wasn’t that just fun”. Our thanks to Max and his friends who were such good sports, and those who came and raised £550.

On the Sunday following, Lynn came and preached at the 10.30am service. I think that all those who heard her speak were challenged by her natural way of speaking of her love for Jesus and her complete trust in God the Father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit for all of her life. Out of her trust, God has given her a tremendous love for all those she meets. The retiring collection added £160 to our gift to Lynn.

After the service Lynn showed pictures of Maridi and her work colleagues and told us more about the work she does with the college, the Church and the Mothers Union. She spoke of the terrible poverty, caused as a result of the fighting between some of the tribes, many people dying of starvation because their crops have been destroyed, thousands fleeing the country to Uganda, and no one able to travel out of the town.

But, the ordinary people who remain, especially the Mothers Union members, are helping each other, making children’s clothes, feeding the hundreds of orphans. There is no help or hope from those whose hearts are full of hate, nor from the government, but the ordinary people are finding that in the love of Jesus for them, they are coping and the churches are full and growing: they are proof of the verse in Romans 15 verse 13, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit”.

Lynn told us that her complete lack of fear and her ability to work in those difficult situations, is, she is sure, due to the prayers of her friends and her Link Parishes. It is like the story of Moses in Exodus 17, when the Israelites were fighting the Amalekites, Moses held his arms aloft praying to God for deliverance, and when his arms were tired his two friends came and held his arms up for him. Our Church has promised to be those friends for Lynn, praying with and for her.

CMS can help you to be constant in prayer. The quarterly newspaper, The Call gives prayer requests and information. We put 10 copies in the Church, but I can get one for you each quarter, or, if you sign up as a CMS member, you will get one sent to you. Another real help to prayer, is the weekly prayer paper sent from CMS by e-mail every Friday. This usually includes a piece of up-to-date news from South Sudan.

If you would like me to forward you the prayer paper (weekly) or The Call (quarterly), please send an e-mail to bobjoanplumptre@btinternet.com or if you are not on e-mail, I can leave them in Church on Sundays with your name on.

As Lynn returns to South Sudan this month, to a very difficult situation, let us make sure that we, as a congregation, support her with our prayers.

Joan Plumptre