New beginnings in Faringdon

Sheree, Charlotte, Harriet, Alice and I have just arrived in Faringdon after a period of theological training at Trinity College Bristol. Prior to this we lived in Maidenhead serving as part of God’s Church in Furze Platt. Like Steve and Wendy, we met at school, giving our lives to Jesus while attending Church before we married—initially captivated by the servant-hearted love of those we met. Both Sheree and I have always felt a strong call to serve Jesus specifically within the communities we serve, both in the parish and workplace.

After training to be a teacher, I taught Music at a Secondary School in West London and through a free pilgrimage and some interesting conversations, began to explore the call to ordained ministry. After prayer and a miraculous conversation with the Head Teacher, I was asked to teach RE and did so for a further seven years, as Jesus opened the doors towards developing a chaplaincy within the school. During this time Sheree also joined the community to work as a Learning Support Assistant for those with additional learning needs and English as an additional language.

After nine years of marriage our daughter Charlotte was born, shortly followed by Harriet and now Alice! Both Sheree and I love being parents and we have learned loads while watching God grow in them the faith and gifts that he has given them. We love walking together, riding bikes, sharing meals and having fun with friends. We are also keen campers—one highlight of the year being the New Wine retreat, which will be interesting this year with an eight-month-old baby!

As we find our feet in a very different context, we have been reminded that the God who created us calls us by name, and that it is as individuals within the body of Christ that we serve those who do and do not know Jesus. We are all looking forward to making new friends in and out of the Church in Faringdon, as we follow where Jesus leads us and along with you help to make him known.

Paul Walker