Prayer Calendar January 2015

Please continue to pray for the life and work of our parishes

Thurs 1st             Pray for God’s support and guidance during the coming year.

Fri 2nd                 Mission of the Month—WatSan.

Sat 3rd                Wardens, vergers, welcomers, readers and intercessors.

Sun 4th               Saints Alive at All Saints’ this morning.

Mon 5th              Home and prayer groups restarting this week after Chistmas.

Tues 6th              St Mary’s PCC meeting this evening.

Wed 7th              Schools restarting this week.

Thurs 8th            For ministers and congregation of the Vale Deanery churches.

Fri 9th                 All who are ill or in any other kind of need.

Sat 10th              Ministry team: Charles, Paul, Max, Barbara, John, Helen & Graham.

Sun 11th             Plough Service at St Mary’s this morning.

Mon 12th            The Music Group.

Tues 13th            Prayer time this evening for our Mission in Faringdon.

Wed 14th            David & Liza Cooke, our CMS Link Partners.

Thurs 15th          All Saints’ PCC meeting this evening.

Fri 16th               Magazine preparation this weekend.

Sat 17th              Sunday Special helpers and Pathfinder leaders.

Sun 18th              United Service at All Saints’.

Mon 19th            All who help run our Churches.

Tues 20th            All Saints’ Prayer & Fellowship Evening in the Barber Rooms.

Wed 21st            The work of the Mustard Seed and Seekers Light.

Thurs 22nd          Choir practice this evening; for new choir members.

Fri 23rd               Flower Guild.

Sat 24th              Our Bishops, Archdeacons and Area Deans.

Sun 25th             Messy Church this afternoon at the United Church.

Mon 26th            Bell ringers practicing this evening.

Tues 27th            For community activities in Faringdon and Little Coxwell.

Wed 28th            For the elderly and infirm during the winter months.

Thurs 29th          For God’s guidance in the selection of our new Diocesan Bishop.

Fri 30th               Allsorts this morning in the Barber Rooms.

Sat 31st              CTIF Welcome Group as new people come  to Faringdon.