Poems by Diana Stow

February 2015: February

November 2014: All Saintstide

November 2012: …grave-marks the slow-dying year

October 2012:  The Omnipresence of God. Subtle shimmer of butterfly-wing, song thrush’s blue, speckled egg

July/August 2012Renewal. We long to know God, and feel Him near, as streams of cool water are craved by a deer. Renewal

May 2012: Welcoming Whitsun. Robin and thrush sing the garden alive Welcoming Whitsun

April 2012: Easter (after St John’s Gospel): Crucified for us descendants of Adam – Crucified for us April 2012

March 2012: New Life. Mad as March hares that box and bound New Life

February 2012: Looking to Lent and Beyond: February is the month that frowns glowering grey through the gloomy clouds Looking to Lent and Beyond

Christmas December 2011/ January 2012: Imagine those shepherds The Nativity according to St Luke

All Saints’ Day November 2011: A live flame of remembrance for loved ones gone before burns deep within the spirit of those who hope for more All Saints’ Day November 2011

Autumn October 2011. With blaze of brilliant fireworks,chrysanthemums flare gold Autumn_October_2011

King James Bible September 2011. The Bible, being a Holy Book,can’t be confined by time or space: King James Bible Sept 2011

Poem at Pentecost July/August 2011. On a shower-lashed Sunday, the Holy Sprit camePoem at Pentecost July-August 2011

Quiet Day June 2011. Silence smothers the noise: “Hush!” says a still, small voice, Quiet Day June 2011

Divinity of the Cosmos May 2011. Could chance create a universe of perfect order, stars diverse? Divinity of the Cosmos May 2011

The Power of the Cross April 2011. Churches boast their proud memorials to our forebears’ wealth and might; The Power of the Cross April 2011

Space for Renewal March 2011. In the quiet of Early Service,minds fall still from frantic rush: Space for Renewal March 2011

Candlemas February 2011 The Baby in the old man’s arms gave him the grace to die in peace; Candlemas Feb 2011

Christmas Dec 2010 – January 2011. A light shone in the darkness,God’s word became frail flesh: Christmas Dec-Jan 2010

Remember November 2010 Living trees remind us the fallen never die, Remember Nov 2010

Autumn October 2010 …bursts with coloured bounty;nature paints the world anew; Autumn October 2010

Quietness September 2010 In the spaces listen, the times when sound falls still. Quietness Sept 2010

A Book July/August 2010 . . . can open landscapes,Or conjure up the sea, A Book July-Aug 2010

Whitsun May 2010. Candles on the altar Recall the tongues of flame Whitsun May 2010

Easter April 2010: Alleluia. Easter is when Christ Arose: Alleluia April 2010