Steve writes …. Ready for Christmas

I came across some helpful advice for Christians which beats the ‘101 Things to Do Before Christmas’ check-list that’s doing the rounds on social media. It began by asking if God really does care about every area of our lives, how does that shape what we think and do and feel over Christmas? How can we show those around us, who don’t know Jesus, that our preparations and celebrations are transformed by him?

First, we can remember what matters: many events of the past year have reminded us that we live in a broken, confused and hurting world. The coming of Jesus really is a bright beam of hope for a messy and lost planet. God loves us too much to give us anything less than himself. So perhaps during Advent this year we could make time for a book of daily readings and reflections – amongst many available examples are Tom Chester’s One True Light and Mark Greene’s Adventure.

Second, we can enjoy God’s gifts: as well as the greatest gift of Jesus, God has also poured out many other blessings on us which it’s good to recall at Christmas: family, both the church and biological varieties, the chance to rest and take a slower pace and be refreshed, the music of this season and the crisp star-filled winter nights, the chance to express appreciation to others or meet a need.

Third, we can share our story: we could pray that our thankfulness for God’s generosity to us will spill over into opportunities to share Jesus and something of how he is working in our lives. As family and friends enjoy time off at the end of a busy year, it can be the chance for them to reflect on what’s important and search for meaning. We can make sure we’re ready to answer someone’s questions, to say the right thing in a Christmas card or to invite someone to Carols by Candlelight, Messy Nativity, or the All Age Celebration on Christmas morning.

Fourth, we can ask what’s next: the opportunities mentioned above are just part of the big picture of what God is doing in us and the lives of those we know. As we head into 2017, are there ways we could commit afresh to seeking how God wants to work in and through us?

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas filled with the peace and joy of Jesus