Steve writes . . . We desperately need the truth of Easter

As I write, Faringdon is reeling at the awful news of the murder of a young boy. Nothing can make sense of this dreadful and tragic loss. Yet if Easter wasn’t true, then the bad would be far worse than we can imagine and there really would be no hope or justice or mercy or grace or redemption or future for anyone, ever. Absolutely all would be absolutely lost for ever.

In the face of death we are stunned, frightened, fearful – that’s exactly what Jesus’ disciples were feeling after the horror of Good Friday. On the evening of the first Easter Day, they were meeting together with ‘the doors locked for fear of the Jews’, fearing some heavy handed pounding on the door, dreading that they too would be arrested. Into this tense and anxious atmosphere, the Risen Jesus comes and says ‘Peace be with you’ – not surprisingly the disciples were overjoyed to see the Lord. And Jesus again says ‘Peace be with you’. A week later when Thomas is this time present with the others, though the doors are still locked, Jesus comes and stands among his disciples and says, ‘Peace be with you’.

Into the most distressing and painful situations, Jesus comes. For those first disciples, his peace and presence also brought relief from their grief, though many were to die standing up for the reality of Easter. When the living Jesus comes to speak his word of peace to us today, it may not mean the agony is over and all is instantly put right. But having the Risen Lord’s peace and presence in our less than perfect (and sometimes downright awful) everyday does bring a hope, a strength and a rescue that will finally end our fear.

A prayer we often use in a funeral service expresses something of this when it says ‘Heavenly Father, you have not made us for darkness and death, but for life with you for ever. Without you we have nothing to hope for, with you we have nothing to fear…’

Please use the Easter Cards, available in Church, to invite friends and family– especially to our Easter morning service as we celebrate the heart of our faith. Please also pray that those seeking peace and hope will find it in abundance in the Risen Lord

Yours in Christ,