Strawberry Tea

What a diverse bunch we are!

At the Strawberry Tea held in July people were invited to list their favourite hymns and Bible passages. I expected to be able to nominate a Top of the Pops hymn but not a bit of it!

Of the 36 hymns chosen only four were nominated more than once and only one was nominated twice, so:

  • Top choice ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’
  • Joint second place ‘Dear Lord and Father of mankind’; ‘Make me a channel of your peace and ‘Guide me, O, thou great Jehovah’.

Now I know it was an unrepresentative sample but it did underline how catholic is our taste.

There were fewer suggestions for Bible verses but every table chose something from St John’s Gospel and every table mentioned verses from the Old Testament. The most frequently mentioned was Psalm 23.

So, that’s the verdict from the Strawberry Tea Eaters!

Margaret Starr