The Psalms course

I should like to take this opportunity to thank all the kind friends who have supported the Psalms Course so loyally during the last four summers.

I am deeply grateful to those who provided so much practical help, operating the projector, playing the piano and serving coffee, as well as many who readily set out and put away furniture.  The numbers attending and the kind encouragement so often received have been a constant source of comfort, far beyond anything I expected when I first began the course.

Presenting the course has taught me far more than I could ever have learnt on my own, and on my spiritual journey it has been the perfect fulfilment in later life of an early sense of a specific vocation to teach the Scriptures. It has of course been challenging, but for that very reason truly satisfying. My hope and prayer is that those who attended it will be as deeply blest as I have been.

The Lord may have future work for me, unknown at present, but I have no plans yet to offer another course on any subject. However, I am willing to be a resource for any individuals or study groups reading some of the Psalms.

Paul Winchester