Update on the Fabric Group

The last few months have been a very busy period for the Fabric Group – much has been achieved, but we still have a long list of points that we would like to see addressed over the next year or so. The Fabric Group provides a focus for managing the range of building issues facing the church; the group is made up of Bruce Garfield (our Buildings Manager), Andrew Sargent, Geoff Edgington, Jon Chamberlain and myself. We are a diverse group with very different skills and experience – and that diversity seems to help us to work effectively together. We are always on the lookout for additional members, so please talk to any one of us if you are interested in finding out more.

One of our key tasks last year was to review the list of ongoing building issues and agree with the PCC which issues we should treat as the priority for resolving. After much discussion, we agreed upon eight priority issues – and of these eight issues, six have now been completed, while the remaining two are top priorities for the current year.

The six areas that we have completed so far are:

  • Creating a Church Office in the Barber Rooms from the old store area;
  • Installing new boiler for heating the Church;
  • Installing an additional audio-visual screen to improve visibility for the Music Group;
  • Brighter lighting on main platform (under tower crossing) – and at the same time we also upgraded the bulbs in the Unton Aisle;
  • Installation of speakers in Barber Rooms;
  • Installation of wifi in the Church & Barber Rooms.

The priority areas for the current year include extending the Pye Chapel platform (we received approval for this work just a couple of months ago) and repairs to the roof, gutters and sky lights – which was an issue highlighted in our last Quinquennial inspection. We will provide more updates on these and other building matters over the next few months.

Thank you for your ongoing support and if you have any questions or comments about building matters in the Church over the coming months, please speak to myself or any of the other members of the Fabric Group.

Jim McGowan