Worship Review Group Recommendations

As Steve explained on Sunday 4th February, the PCC decided that after Easter we should stop having our current 6.30pm Sunday evening services. We and Steve realise that this has caused some disquiet and are sorry for any hurt or misunderstanding caused.

The PCC decision was based on proposals put forward by the Worship Review Group, a sub-committee of the PCC, which was set up in the autumn and met on a number occasions to consider our current patterns of worship. This group was made up of six PCC members and three others, representing a cross section of All Saints’, and included the three of us.

As a church, our agreed aim is ‘connecting people with Jesus, sharing his love in our everyday lives’. This means connecting our own church family with Jesus, as well as looking outwards to the wider community. Uppermost in our minds was to ensure that communion remains available every Sunday and there will be no change to the 8.00am service. The 10.30am service will also remain in its current form, with a small change to the pattern of baptisms.

Stopping the 6.30pm service in its current format will give us the space and time to pray and discern the way forward, as we take seriously God’s calling to reach out to the wider community. The existing Lead Academy group will report back to the PCC at the May meeting with draft proposals for the future. In the meantime, as we actively seek God’s will, prayer must be at the heart of this discernment and so from May onwards, the monthly prayer meeting will be moved from Wednesdays to the first Sunday evening of each month.

Please do not hesitate to talk to any of us if you have any further questions or concerns.

Katie Foot, Jim McGowan and Helen Wilson